Call for Air Conditioning Service If You Get These Signs

Air conditioning should always remain in perfect stage during summer months otherwise it may become too uncomfortable. Therefore, it is essential to get it properly serviced as soon as you notice any abnormality in the working of your air conditioners.

Following are few signs that you must notice and decide whether you need to call the local representative of Acclaim to get your air conditioning properly serviced.

  • You are not getting cool air like before

After a period of time you may notice that you are not getting any comfort from the air conditioning even after setting it to minimum temperature. In such condition, you must immediately call the air conditioning service provider to get it checked.

  • Air flow is poor

If the air flow is poor then there must be something wrong in the compressor unit of the air conditioner. Some areas of the room may be little cooler while some other area is not at all cool. There can also be problem in your ducting.

  • Thermostat issue

Most often you will realize that your air conditioning unit is perfect however the problem is with your thermostat. Due to the problem of thermostat too some of the area may be quite cooler while some other area is not.

  • Unnecessary build up of moisture in some areas

If you find any moisture build up or any leakage then it is sure sign of some problem with your air conditioning system. There can be something wrong with the tube also that is draining out the condensed water. Therefore you need to call the service people to check it properly.

  • Hearing a strange sound from air conditioner

Strange sound coming out from air condition is a sure sign of something wrong with your air conditioner. Some of your units may be malfunctioning and may need immediate replacement.

  • Foul smell is coming from the air conditioner

Often due to broken insulation of wire you may get foul smell from the air conditioner. It can also be due to creation of mould inside the air conditioner unit. Therefore, your air conditioner needs immediate service.

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