Buying furniture safely online: With these five expert tips nothing goes wrong

More and more users order their furniture online. But as easy as buying a wardrobe, a desk and more is online, it also presents some challenges. With these five tips you are on the safe side when buying furniture online.

Meanwhile, almost 60% of people buy their furniture online. If something goes wrong, it is either delayed delivery or damaged parts. Anyone who decides to buy furniture on the net should definitely inform themselves about their rights.

When making a purchase decision, most users pay attention to the price of the home furniture, the cost of the corresponding delivery or the payment methods offered. From custom made to money back guarantee. Most trusted and popular online shops, knows what to look out for when you want to buy furniture safely online. So it’s recommended by experts that you shop at Decor Drop to avoid hassle and misfortune.With these five tips you are on the safe side when buying furniture online.

Even when buying furniture online, a 14day right of withdrawal applies.

Who orders furniture online on the Internet, has a 14day right of withdrawal. Therefore, after receiving the goods, you can check in peacefully whether they have been delivered completely and intact. Furniture that is not yet delivered assembled, you can also assemble without hesitation. For this, the online retailer can ask for no compensation.

It is different if you have already put the piece of bedroom furniture into operation and then send it back. So you can assemble the ordered dining table, but do not dine for a week every day. In this case, the online retailer would be entitled to demand compensation for the value of the piece of furniture that suffered a loss of value. For the permanent use, so the food at the table goes beyond the mere examination of the properties and functions.

A screw is missing, what now?

Almost everyone knows this situation regarding the home furniture online purchase. The new living room shelf is delivered and when unpacking and assembling one realizes that important screws are missing. It is a defect and in this case, you can request the additional delivery of the screws at the expense of the dealer. In addition, you can of course also declare the revocation, return the defective piece of furniture and demand reimbursement of the purchase price.

Tailored, but it does not fit and now?

Goods made to your specifications or clearly tailored to your personal needs are excluded from the right of withdrawal. For example, if you have your corner cabinet made according to individual measurements made, you should note that there is no right of withdrawal in this case. However, if the customer specifications were not met by the dealer, the cabinet was not manufactured according to the dimensions then the warranty applies. In this case, you can request the delivery of a faultless cabinet.

Return costs for bulky goods, who actually wears them?

In principle, you have to bear the return costs in the event of a cancellation. However, this always requires that you have been duly instructed. If the goods cannot be returned by regular mail, the retailer must accurately quantify the return costs even before the order is placed.

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