Brilliant Water Softener Tips You Need to Know


Hard water may not be harmful to your health but it can leave damages to your skin, hair, clothes, and utensils. Hard water scales usually buildup on water heaters, faucets, and even shower heads, which causes a lot of problems because they need replacing on a constant basis.

As a result of this, homeowners who live in areas prone to hard water should install a water softener to prevent these problems. There are many water softener brands in the market that offer high tech software technology.

Owning a water softener however is simply not enough because it needs to be maintained in order to offer optimum performance. In this guide, we will discuss some of the most effective water softener tips and steps that you need to know.

Always check the salt level of your water softener

If you want to maintain your water softener, then one of the most important things you need to do is check the salt level on a regular basis. When the level decreases, the water will get hard again and you’ll start having hard water problems all over again. As a rule of thumb, check the water level every 6 weeks, or depending on manufacturer instructions of your water softener.

Always check the salt bridges

Once you started on the water softener, after some time you will notice a layer of hardened salt in the tank, which is a salt bridge. There are certain reasons that may cause these bridges such a high temperature, high humidity, or even poor salt quality. The water softener will not be as effective as it should with salt bridges so they need to be removed. Try not to damage the walls of your softener while you’re at it.

Always clean the brain tank

The brine tank must be cleaned on a regular basis and you should check your user manual before getting into it. For your water softener to last a long time, you need to clean your brine tank at least every six months or so.

Always use the right salt

Most people tend to use any salt available in the water softener, but this is not advisable. The best thing you can possibly do is use the right kind of salt for your water softener. Crystals and cubes are some of the best depending on the kind of appliance you have. Your manual will have a directive for this.

Always flush the resin bed

Water softener resin beds are usually recharged with salt but they need to be flashed once in a while using the cleaner. The water will lose its efficiency due to the presence of heavy metals, iron, and other compounds. In order to maintain the efficiency of your softener, you need to clean the bed after sometime.


Checking and cleaning your water softener periodically will ensure that it runs smoothly without any problems. It will also last a long time without you needing to replace it. Having one of the best water softeners on the market is not enough unless you maintain it well. You can always ask for professional help if you’re unable to clean it by yourself.

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