Best Wood For Driveway Gates and Fences

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A fence is an easy signifier that your property is yours as well as keep in pets and children. A fence is also great for marking the edge of your property as well as help block wind and predators from getting on your property. 

But when it comes to constructing your fence, what are the best options to use? Fences can be constructed from wood, metal and even plastic in some cases. Fences are reasonably easy to construct but can be more complicated based on the material used. The most used fencing product and the most effective is wood. Here are some examples of wood to use for your next fence. 

Cedar Fences

Cedar is also a great option for constructing a fence. It has a natural aroma that helps repel bugs as well as being more resistant to weathering and rot. 

Red cedar is also very heavy and strong, making it one of the best options for fencing and gate constructing. A red cedar fence if maintained well can last 100 years. However, once again it is very expensive to use for construction. 

However, its long term ability plus its limited need for maintenance makes it worth it. Choosing cedar driveway gates are also a great and popular option.

Redwood Fences

The best wood to use when constructing fences is redwood. Redwood is strong, durable and when applied with the right sealer can fend off bugs and daily wear and tear with ease. A redwood fence will last you years and years. Redwood is tough, but easy to construct with. 

Redwood is also very beautiful. After it is constructed and stained it has a beautiful red glow. The major downside to red wood is that it is super expensive. This is why most people don’t use it for fences because it costs too much initially. 

However, if you look at it in the long term, the more money that you are using for the initial installation, the less you will have to use over time in maintenance. Redwood creates beautiful, strong fences. 

Pinewood Fences

Not everyone is needing a fence that can last a super long time or one that is heavy and durable, sometimes we just need a fence that can be constructed quickly and is inexpensive. In this case, use pine wood. Pine wood is one of the most common woods used in construction as well as being relatively inexpensive. 

Although it is inexpensive, it is still reasonably durable and if stained and maintained properly can still last ten or twenty years. Pine is also very versatile, it can be great for building fence as well as building gates. 

Most pine woods are pressure treated with chemicals that make it more resistant to bugs and rot. However, when it comes to durability, pine does not stand against weather, bugs or rot nearly as well as the two hardwood options. 

In the end, when it comes to building a fence and choosing what material to use, you must consider what your end purpose is. Are you needing a long term fence that is strong and holds well against the weather and requires very little maintenance. 

Then chose Redwood or cedar. But if you are needing something that is monetarily efficient and can go up quickly and easily then consider using pine wood. 

Fences can be used to keep people in or keep people out. They are also great for marking your property line and for keeping predators out. Consider these options for your next fence construction needs. 


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