Best Time to Change Your Carbon Filter

Best Time to Change Your Carbon Filter

It is very complicated to answer the question of when to change your activated carbon filter. It is essential that you adjust the carbon filters because it is a part of the water filter preservation. It will also benefit the water filter to work smoothly for many years.

Just only purchasing the water filter is not the complete task. Annual maintenance and care are what it needs to succeed. The water filter system will function well for a more extended period when it has undergone a lot of replacement and fixing of its parts.

The functioning of carbon filters

The key feature of the carbon filters is to eliminate the harmful contaminants by soaking them up. These are highly porous and cover a significant portion of the entire water purifier system. All the dirt and impurities rest inside the pores of the carbon filters.

What is activated carbon?

The carbon activation begins with the process of heat or vapour. During this activation method, the holes of the carbon filter get opened, which increases the surface area and holds more of the impurities. The activated carbon water filter media is a great source that facilitates getting the rid of chlorine and other harmful chemicals present in water.

There are various aspects that you need to see before making an alteration in your carbon filters.

  1. There are occasions when you sense the nasty taste and smell of the water from the water filter. Thus, it is the perfect time to change a activated carbon filter.
  2. Another sign that there is a need for replacement in the carbon filter is when you figure out low water pressure due to the dirt and impurities, leading to more water contamination.
  3. The filter is delivered to your house with a manual that has all the general guidelines about the use of the filter system. In the manual, you can discover details about the alteration of the activated carbon water filter media.
  4. It will be valuable if you do not wait for the signs to come up and get the filter’s maintenance done whenever it is advised by the manufacturer.


Those were some of the traits about the maintenance of the water purifier system and the benefits of timely changing carbon filters. Is your water filter system is up to date? If not, then give a call to your manufacturer and get it restored quickly.

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