best bedding for guinea pigs uk

Guinea pigs spend a lot of time in their habitat, so they need bedding that is both absorbent and comfortable.

As a pet parent, you’re probably looking for the best kind of bedding for your furry pets, something that keeps odours to a minimal while also posing no health risk to your rodent companions. Not all bedding is made equal, and not all bedding is safe for guinea pigs and other tiny animals. Isn’t that a frightening prospect? But don’t worry: we’re about to tell you about the greatest – and worst – guinea pig bedding options. You won’t have any trouble selecting the ideal bedding material for your cavy condo with this helpful advice.

Most ethical guinea pig owners in the United Kingdom now utilise paper-based bedding, aspen bedding, or fleece. These three options are the most popular bedding types for a reason: they are safe to use and offer a variety of benefits. 

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best bedding for guinea pig

  • Sheets made of paper

Many guinea pig owners prefer paper bedding. It’s because it’s soft, absorbent, and anti-odor.

The problem is that, while different brands of paper bedding are generally constructed of the same material, they come in a variety of quality and varieties. This makes it difficult for pet parents to choose which product is best.

  • Large granule/strand paper pellets, unscented

This is my very favourite type of guinea pig bedding. The unscented version, in my opinion, is fantastic; it is incredibly odour absorbing to the point that you will never smell anything. In terms of moisture absorption, you’re looking at a 3X increase. How remarkable is it that there are no puddles or damp zones? Although the pellets appear to be rather long, they are completely “paw-friendly” and non-abrasive.

  • Paper bedding that has been crumbled

This paper-based bedding is a nice choice for your guinea pigs. It’s recognised for being unexpectedly soft and cuddly, making it ideal for your dogs to snuggle up in and get some rest. It’s also one of the more economical options, which is a huge plus!To be honest, if you stick to a high-quality brand, you’ll find it to be an excellent purchase for your pets.

  • Granules of soft paper

Paper materials in granule form are another excellent bedding option. These tiny granules offer your pets with a very soft and cosy bedding. Wood fibres are usually turned into a soft, very absorbent bedding and litter.

  • Bedding made from hemp

Despite the fact that they have no experience with hemp bedding, they decided to include it because many guinea parents are looking for nontoxic, pet-safe, and compostable choices. If you value environmental sensitivity, hemp bedding for your pets can be a good choice.

Here is the best and common type of bedding done in the UK for Guinea pigs.


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