Benefits Of Using Sandstone As A Paving Material

Sandstone is used extensively as an outdoor paving material.  It offers several benefits and uses of sandstone as a paving material including ease in application and replacement, as well as an easy availability. Sandstone is a natural stone and offers thermal efficiency to maintain ambient temperatures even in extreme climates.

Main Benefits of using Sandstone as a Paving Material:

  • Durability

In ancient civilizations, sandstone was especially used to construct important monuments. It can endure severe weather conditions and yet last for several years. The natural compression that creates sandstone makes it a very resilient and highly durable stone. With proper sealing of sandstone, it stands protected against corrosion and water seepage which helps to further increase its lifespan.

  • Easy maintenance

Sandstone is one of the easiest to maintain natural stones. It requires almost zero maintenance and can be cleaned without the need for expensive chemicals and solutions. It can be cleaned easily with water flowing from a hose pipe or a jet spray.

  • Versatility

Sandstone provides great versatility not just through its wide range of pleasing colours but also with a diverse functional usage. It can be used for parking pavements, driveways, pathways, walkways, swimming pool surroundings, as well as patios. Sandstone blends equally well with both modern as well as traditional landscape and architectural styles.

  • Environmentally friendly

Sandstone is an eco-friendly paving material. Very little energy and water are needed to produce sandstone. Sandstone manufacturing does not lead to emissions of deadly gases into the atmosphere. Also, sandstone doesn’t require chemicals in the manufacturing and application process. Old sandstone can be easily reused and recycled, making it an environmentally friendly paving option.

  • Texture

One of the most unique features of sandstone is its varying texture. Based on their method of formation, natural sandstone can be found in a wide variety of textures and patterns. With a little fabrication and finishing process, different sandstone paving textures like honed, polished, flamed, sandblasted, sawn, and bush-hammered effects can be created. Such an extensive range of textures helps architects and landscape designers to create stunning designs using sandstone.

Sandstone is undoubtedly an age-old traditional building material that is as popular today as it was in the days gone by.

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