Basement Renovation Tips: Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Basement



Modern basements are more breathtaking and spacious than ever. You don’t have to let that potential beneath your house go to waste. Redesigning your basement is easy, especially when you bring in the services of a professional contractor. Here are some tips that help you get the most out of your basement renovation that will hopefully inspire your next home improvement project:

Storage is Everything

Everyone has seen those basements cluttered with cardboard boxes, old furniture, and heaps of other forgotten items. If you want your basement to look open and modern, you need to put a lot of emphasis on storage. Depending on your style, built-in cabinets and shelves are going to add plenty of sophistication to the space without detracting from the overall flow. There are dozens of choices for pull-out drawers and the like.

Another thing about storage is accessibility. For example, if the basement is going to be aimed at children, then you want to make sure that shelves have varying heights—some low enough for the kids to get to and others high enough to keep dangerous items out of reach. Storage beneath benches, under counter tops, and behind stairwells are also viable options. For valuables like aged wine or bigger items like bikes or kayaks, consider special made racks that keep them out of the way but still on display.

Make It Multi-Functional

What makes a finished basement so great is that you don’t have to use it for one thing only. Renovated basements are usually very spacious, allowing you to divvy up the room and create areas with various uses.

For example, you might want to split up the children and adult play areas by putting up shelving and a sliding door or using transitional materials like foam squares on the floor, different colored rugs, benches, and other “buffers” that allow you to see throughout the area but still allows for some privacy. Another way to separate spaces is if you’re doing the movie/media room and bar. You can have each section at opposite ends of the basement, allowing for as elegant or abrupt of a change as you’d like. Bars are also great for people who do a lot of entertaining and don’t want to run up and down the stairs to go to the kitchen during gatherings.

Furnishing and Decor

Do you like minimalism? Contemporary? Traditional? Bohemian? The choices are infinite. Once you have decided on the general structure of the remodeled basement, such as a downstairs bar or gym, you can then start choosing the colors, patterns, and decorum that will define the space and create the ambiance you’re hoping for. When choosing furnishings and décor,think about the shelving, flooring, paint, lighting, plumbing, and electrical lines that make up the skeleton of the basement. Think in terms of accenting the stairwell or the lights; think in terms of highlighting the stonework or other parts instead of singling every component out separately.

Additional Tips for a Basement Remodel

Always ensure that your basement has at least one emergency exit. You might also want to add fire safety measures, such as extinguishers.

When setting up a media or game room or child’s play room, remember that insulation or sound proofing will go a long way, especially if you want to keep the basement noise from reverberating into the upper floors or disturbing next door neighbors.

Don’t forget plumbing and electrical wires. You want to consider where the lines and pipes run before you start putting up or tearing down walls, as this can lead to a costly mistake in the future.

Want to keep the basement smelling fresh? Consider adding an HVAC or air purification unit. Windows are another way to add some air flow. If you want to do that, consider setting up window wells that have a secure locking system or window alarms.

Remember, the key to a great basement renovation is to balance functionality with aesthetics. Hideaway drawers, nooks, flowing space, and smooth transitions will all make your basement look luxurious when it is all finished.

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