Are You Aware of These Dishwasher Facts? 

The dishwasher is considered to be one of the most essential appliances of the kitchen. In today’s busy life, every working family has a dishwasher in their kitchen. This is because dishwashers save a lot of effort and time on a daily basis. However, there are so many unknown facts of dishwashers that people need to be aware of. Apart from being an innovative device, dishwashers may come handy in so many different situations. We’ll inform you about some of the dishwasher facts and hacks that will prove helpful for you.  

Given below are a few unknown facts about Dishwashers:

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The first dishwasher was invented and commercialized in 1893: 

The granddaughter of a steamboat inventor (John Fitch) built or designed the first-ever commercial dishwasher in the year 1887. Her name was Josephine Cochrane. Before her dishwasher commercialization, no hand-operated dishwashers were actually commercialized. However, a lot of people invented several dishwashers that remained hidden from industrialists. 

The invention of Josephine Cochrane was released at the Chicago World Fair that happened in the year 1893. That Dishwasher was initially named as “Lavadora ”, it consisted of a wooden wheel that was laid in a copper boiler along with several compartments (made up of wire) for the dishes. As soon as the dishwasher was loaded, the wheel used to turn with the help of a pulley and showers of soapy water used to fall into the dishwasher. Later, the same dishwasher was adopted by several hotels and restaurants. 

Nowadays, most of the Dishwashers are almost entirely recyclable. All the credit goes to material engineering and dishwasher manufacturing companies. It is possible to manufacture dishwashers with sustainability for proper use as well as disposal. The waste product can be removed with the help of the process of recycling, (waste products may include papers, plastics, and metals). So, the customers can recycle the previous dishwashers while opting for a new one. 

You can steam your veggies in the Dishwashers: 

Yes, you hear it right! You can try this hack and steam your veggies in your Dishwashers. All you have to do is just place some chopped vegetables inside a Mason jar (especially, asparagus and beans work well), after that season with spices, herbs, lemon or butter, and add one cup of water and seal the jar. At last keep the mason jar over the upper rack of the dishwasher, ending up by running a normal cycle. You may end up with perfectly seasoned, tasty, vegetables. This hack may sound a bit silly but you can surely give it a try. 

You can clean your combs, hairbrushes, makeup brushes, and nail clippers in the Dishwasher: 

We spend hours cleaning the makeup brushes and combs. This hack could save so much of your time. All you got to do is place your makeup brushes, combs, or nail clippers inside a cup or in the dishwasher tray, then run the normal cycle. This will help remove the dried gunk from your brushes and nail clippers.

Keep your dishes and food warm in the Dishwasher: 

Is your microwave occupied by something else and you want to warm your food? Don’t worry, dishwashers will help you with this too. You just need to use the dry cycle/ heat (without water) on your food, and this will keep your food warm and toasty. A similar trick goes for the dishes. If you need to warm your dishes, you can simply place the dishes in your dishwasher and run a dry cycle of heat. Tada! You’re done. Nowadays, a few dishwashers come equipped with unique dish warming settings. 

You can clean your lock keys in the dishwasher: 

This might sound weird because nobody even gives a thought to washing their keys. But, a bitter truth is that the keys are houses for dangerous disease-causing germs/bacteria. This is because keys touch so many different surfaces, sometimes they even fall on the ground, they bang inside pockets or bags and so much more. Nobody knows what the keys have come into contact with. Therefore, it becomes necessary to clean the keys on a regular basis. To clean your keys, make sure that all the loyalty cards, novelty keychains are removed. After that, toss your keys inside your dishwasher and as soon as you clean them, dry each one of them, this will make sure that the keys are safe from the process of rusting.  

Turn your old Dishwasher into a thread or ribbon organizer: 

If you have purchased a new dishwasher and you are thinking of throwing out your old one, then we have a great idea for you. Instead of throwing your old dishwasher, you can simply turn it into a ribbon or thread organizer. Just flip the upper rack of your dishwasher and mount it in your room. Sometimes, you can even use the dishwasher to hang your favorite tools inside the garage. 

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