Arborists and Tree Services – An Essential Guide

If you own or are responsible for residential or commercial property with trees, they will probably need attention or maintenance at some point, and you may even find yourself needing a dangerous tree removed. Using a professional arborist is a good option and choosing the right one is an important decision.

We’ve taken a deep dive into the tree services marketplace and produced a guide on what you need to know:

Why Hire a Professional Arborist

Any type of work relating to trees can be dangerous and can potentially cause significant damage if not carried out correctly. A reputable arborist will have professionally trained and qualified people. They’ll have expert knowledge of all aspects of tree care and removal as well as specialist tools and equipment to carry out the work safely and efficiently. Using a trustworthy professional arborist gives you peace of mind and ensures the job gets done correctly and safely first time.

Choosing the Right Arborist

When you’re looking for the best professional arborist in Brisbane & Gold Coast, you’ll want to make sure they have professionally trained and highly qualified arborists with years of experience behind them. The best arborists will provide a wide range of services, including residential and commercial, and offer cost-effective and custom-based solutions. Always ensure they have adequate insurance covering property damage and personal injury in the unlikely event that something happens. Look for a provider who gives a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, obligation-free quotes, and competitive pricing. 

Types of Services

There are many services offered by professional arborists with some specialising in safe removal, trimming and tree lopping of dangerous trees. Specialist equipment is often needed when undertaking dangerous tree removals and the best arborists will use state-of-the-art tools and machinery to do the job safely and efficiently. Other services can include stump grinding, land and bush clearance, rural dam building, excavation, as well as tree shaping for landscaping and aesthetic purposes. Click here for information on landscaping ideas.

Emergency and Storm Response

Unlike some companies that only operate during normal business hours, the best arborists will be available 24/7, offering emergency and storm response services for urgent situations such as trees which have been blown over or storm damaged. Some trees may look to have weathered a storm but may be fundamentally weakened and pose a risk of injury or damage. A reputable company with experienced professionals can make informed assessments of storm-damaged trees and carry out rapid work using the appropriate specialist equipment.


It is important to find out if a permit is needed to prune or remove a tree. Carrying out this type of work without having the required permit could be a costly mistake. If a council has a Tree Preservation Order in place, a permit will be required before work can take place on trees covered by the order. A good tree services company will be able to offer advice regarding permits. 

When you need some tree work carried out, contact a reputable arborist for a free quote. Using a trustworthy professional with years of experience and a passion for what they do will ensure the job gets done safely and properly. Click here for information on managing the risks of working around trees.

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