above ground pool deck ideas on a budget

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on a Budget


Above ground pools are a fantastic addition to any backyard, offering a refreshing retreat during hot summer days. However, a pool isn’t complete without the right deck. In this guide, we’ll explore a variety of above ground pool deck ideas that are both budget-friendly and stylish, ensuring your pool area is as inviting as it is functional.

The Appeal of Above Ground Pool Decks

Accessibility: Decks make entering and exiting the pool easier and safer.

Aesthetic Enhancement: A well-designed deck can elevate the appearance of a simple above ground pool, making it a focal point in your yard.

Added Functionality: Decks provide space for lounging, sunbathing, and entertaining guests.

Cost-Effective Deck Ideas

Utilize Existing Structures

  • Integrate with a Patio: If you already have a patio, consider extending it to connect with your pool.
  • Deck and Balcony Integration: For pools close to the house, a deck that extends from an existing balcony can be both practical and visually appealing.

Simple and Minimalist Designs

  • Basic Wooden Deck: A simple, rectangular wooden deck can be both affordable and stylish.
  • Floating Deck: These smaller, free-standing decks adjacent to the pool are cost-effective and can be DIY projects.

Recycled Materials

  • Pallet Decks: Using pallets is an eco-friendly and inexpensive option.
  • Reclaimed Wood: Gives a rustic look and can often be sourced at a lower cost.

Creative Shapes and Levels

  • Circular Decks: Can be more economical in terms of material usage.
  • Multi-Level Decks: Create visual interest and define different areas for dining or lounging, potentially using less expensive materials for lower levels.

Maximizing Budget

  • DIY Projects: Undertaking the construction yourself can save labor costs.
  • Shop Sales and Discounts: Look for deals on materials during off-season sales.
  • Choose Cost-Effective Materials: Opt for pressure-treated lumber or composite materials that offer durability at a lower price point.

Maintenance and Longevity

  • Regular Cleaning: Keeps the deck in good condition and prevents long-term damage.
  • Sealing and Staining: Protects wood decks from water damage and sun exposure.
  • Seasonal Checks: Inspect the deck for any necessary repairs or maintenance to extend its lifespan.


Creating an inviting deck around your above ground pool doesn’t have to break the bank. By incorporating these budget-friendly ideas and tips, you can design a functional and aesthetically pleasing pool deck that enhances your outdoor living experience without exceeding your budget.


Q: What is the most cost-effective material for building a pool deck?

A: Pressure-treated lumber is typically the most affordable option for pool decks, offering durability and a lower cost.

Q: Can I build a pool deck myself to save money?

A: Yes, DIY construction can significantly reduce costs, but ensure you have the necessary skills and understand local building codes.

Q: How can I maintain my pool deck on a budget?

A: Regular cleaning, timely repairs, and DIY sealing or staining can keep maintenance costs low while prolonging the deck’s life.

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