A Guide to Planning the Perfect Retirement

We all have to work for most of our lives and while we need to manage our finances during adulthood, we also have to plan for a secure retirement. Of course, your superannuation is designed to provide you with the funds you will need for a happy retirement, while most people start planning for their retirement when in their late 30s or early 40s, which is important. 

Selling the family home

Once the kids have grown up and have families of their own, you and your partner no longer need such a large home and if the mortgage is paid off, selling your home will bring in enough capital to ensure you have a secure and comfortable retirement. You might prefer one of the apartments for rent in Olympic Park, at least until you are sure the venue is right for you, then you can buy a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment or house. The last thing you need is to spend all your free time cleaning and maintaining a large family home and by downsizing, you have more time to spend doing what you like. 

Retirement villages

These are venues that are designed for active retirees and with many great amenities and facilities, you have the best of both worlds; you can get involved or you can relax in your own home, the choice is yours. Sadly, some people retire and they have no plan, which can lead to unhappiness and inactivity; if you have spent 45 years when people are always relying on you and suddenly, that lifestyle is over, it can be a difficult thing to accept. We recommend booking a tour at one of the top-rated retirement villages in your chosen area and take a look at the amazing amenities that are on offer. Click here for things to watch out for when buying your first home.

Develop a passion in your life

Rather than waking up in the morning and wondering what you are going to do today, you should be passionate about things and use every bit of free time to pursue that passion. It might be golf, fishing or cycling, something that lights your fire, after all, your golden years are a time for doing what you love to do. 

Talk to a financial adviser

Retirement planning is one service offered by a financial adviser and if you are looking to retire in the next few years, now is the time to talk to such an expert. One aspect of retirement planning involves setting financial goals, which are stepping stones to where you want to be when that day arrives.

This is the time to set out on a journey to discover new things and activities that you can enjoy during your retirement years and always remember that your golden years should be the best years of your life.



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