A Guide to Buy The Best Copic Markers

Are you looking for a convenient and easy coloring formula? 

Now, you can make artistic masterpieces with the best Copic markers. They are handy, alcohol-based, bend with the paper effortlessly, and definitely worth the investment!

These markers boast brilliant coloring like that of paints and have a smooth application like color pencils. They are avant-garde professional markers with double-sided nibs and replaceable alcohol-based ink. The best part is that the ink is non-toxic and low-odor.

While Copic markers are credible tools for modern art, one must be aware of a few things before buying them. 

Here is a guide to shopping for your favourite copy markers: 

1- Choose the Perfect and Most Suited Type of Copic Marker

These markers come in a variety. Select based on your specific artistic requirements. 

  • Copic Original: Being classic and the first to be introduced Copic markers, have exchangeable both-sided nib and ink. You get 214 color choices in these!
  • Copic Sketch: These are professional artists’ favourite. They come in 358 color variants and have a brush on one end. 
  • Copic Ciao: These are similar to Copic sketch markers but come at a relatively lower price. Copic Ciao markers have a lower ink capacity. These are best for beginners, children, and people starting. Available in 180 color options. 
  • Copic Wide: If you plan to make a bigger painting that would need a wider brush, a Copic wide marker is what you are looking for. They are available in 36 color variants and have a one-side, wide replaceable tip. 

Now that you know which Copic marker you are looking for, plan on the brush tip/nib you want.

2- Copic Marker Tip/Nib

While the tips/nibs of Copic markers are exchangeable, you need to understand which ones your specific artwork requires. Is it a bullet or chisel tip brush? Do you plan on coloring with smaller strokes or wider ones?

There are 9 tips/nibs available in Copic sketch markers

  • Calligraphy (3 mm)
  • Semi-Broad 
  • Super Fine
  • Standard Fine
  • Brush 
  • Round 
  • Calligraphy (5 mm)
  • Soft Broad 
  • Standard Broad 

Once you know which tip you are looking for, you will not have to invest in all of these. And sure, you can keep adding more to your collection as you go. 

3- Color Range

The distinct quality of markers is their color range. With 358 color options, you are spoilt for choice. But this is what gets most confusing when you want to buy Copic sketch markers. In such a case, make a mental note of all the colors your artwork would require.

If you don’t have a plan, buy 2 sets of 3 Copic markers, one lighter and the other of a darker tone. This is an excellent way to get started, and as you need more colors, you can keep adding them to your collection. 

Remember, in case you run out of ink, the Copic marker’s ink is replaceable. 


Copic sketch markers are of high quality and hence a little expensive. As they have changeable nibs and ink, they stay with you forever. So, they are a smart investment. 

With this guide, you are ready to hit the shop or buy them online. Shop them and get your creative juices flowing. 

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