8 Types of Alternative Eco-friendly Packaging to Use for Your Products

Every entrepreneur or business owner should always consider the environment whenever they generate ideas for a new product. A little act of love for the surroundings goes a long way. As such, if one company decides to use eco-friendly packaging for their items or products, they are likely to influence other businesses along with their patrons to recycle and reduce their use of plastic.

White mailers, eco-bags, and paper bags are some of the most popular nature-friendly packaging options that some businesses are currently using. The great news is there are other wrapping choices to choose from that are not only stylish and unique but also uphold the practice of recycling.

Enumerated below are some wonderful options you can choose from:

1. Plant-based wrappers

Plant-based wrappers and containers are derived from organic and renewable materials. It is highly durable and is typically used as an alternative to Styrofoam food containers. The amazing part about plant-based wrappers is some are microwave-safe. Food businesses can use it for catering or take-out orders.

2. Bamboo cups

The use of bamboo paper effectively reduces the number of trees being cut down to produce paper-based materials. It is great for containing both cold and warm beverages, a useful alternative for plastic cups and even paper cups that easily get crushed and thrown after just one use.

3. Cloth bags

In the past, supermarkets and groceries were among the businesses that made the most use of plastic bags. It was only until cloth bags—now more commonly referred to as eco-bags—were invented that the dramatic decrease in the use of plastic packaging made waves among customers. 

Eco-bags are very convenient because customers can reuse them several times. Since most cloth bags now come in different styles and prints, it can even double as a tote bag that people can bring with them even when they are not headed to the store. 

4. Compostable packs

Compostable packs help save more energy and resources because it requires less materials and power to produce one. It is great for wrapping items for shipping, plants, coffee beans, and other food items.

5. Seaweed wrappers

Nori or seaweed lovers will surely be delighted to know that a sample of organic wrapper derived from seaweed was recently presented to the public. Seaweed contains several properties that are highly durable and flexible enough to contain different food items and even non-food products.

6. Paper material with poly-coating

Poly-coating on paper makes the latter sturdier and able to withstand external pressure better. As such, it makes for an excellent and long-lasting type of packaging. It is very resistant to oil, water, and grease that customers will not have to worry about spillage or crumpled boxes once their food or item arrives. The paper also does not need additional colouring, and it effectively filters out steam to preserve the quality of the food or beverage it contains.

7. Biodegradable plastics

If it is still inevitable for you to use plastic packaging on your products, perhaps you should use the biodegradable kind instead. Biodegradable plastics are derived from microorganisms and renewable resources. This type of plastic will decompose after a specific number of years.

8. Repurposed cardboard boxes

The production of repurposed cardboard boxes reduces the amount of paper waste being disposed of regularly. These recycled paper materials are then crafted into white mailers, storage containers, and gift boxes.

Running a business is a massive responsibility, and it is not just because of the blood, sweat that you pour into generating sales and gaining more customers. Rather, part of the responsibility you hold as a business owner is to set a good example to other brands and more importantly, to your customers.

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