7 Ways To Style A Beautiful Reception Area

The reception area is one of the first things guests see when they enter your venue, so it’s important to style it beautifully. A well-designed reception space sets the tone for the entire event and makes a great first impression on your guests. Follow these 7 tips to style your reception area in a way that wows attendees.

1. Choose Complementary Colors

Color has a huge impact on the vibe of a space. Select 2 or 3 complementary colors and use them throughout your reception decor. For example, if your color scheme is blush and gold, bring in those hues through your linens, flower arrangements, signage, and lighting. Just be sure not to go overboard with too many colors. A cohesive color story makes for a polished-looking reception design.

2. Incorporate Greenery

Bringing nature into your reception area helps create an organic, inviting look. There are many ways to incorporate greenery and flowers. Centerpiece arrangements on dining and cocktail tables are a great place to start. You can also add leafy green plants in corners of the room or floral garlands draped along stair railings. For maximum visual impact, hang a wreath above your head table or suspend a cascade of florals overhead.

3. Use Stylish and Comfortable Furniture

Since guests will be spending a good deal of time in the reception room eating, drinking, and mingling, it’s key to provide ample comfortable seating. Pay attention to reception room furniture like the style of chairs and sofas you choose. Tufted lounge furniture and ornate reception chairs help achieve an elegant aesthetic. Just be sure the furniture is not only beautiful but comfortable enough for guests to relax in.

4. Set The Mood With Lighting

Lighting casts either a warm glow or a stark glow over a space. Use lighting to set the perfect ambiance for your reception room. Opt for soft glowing chandeliers, vintage lamps, candelabras, and strings of Edison bulbs. Dim the lights a bit to create an intimate, romantic vibe. If you have an outdoor reception, utilize bistro lights and lanterns to illuminate garden areas.

5. Style A Photo-Worthy Bar

The bar or drink station deserves its special styling touches. After all, this is where guests will gather to mix, mingle, and take fun photos. Use accessories like drink stirrers, olives, citrus, and fresh herbs to make your drinks Instagram-worthy. Display bottles in a visually appealing way and hang a pretty sign with your signature cocktails above the bar.

6. Use Height And Layers

When styling your reception space, play with height and layers to create visual interest. Tall centerpiece arrangements make quite a statement on banquet tables. For cocktail tables, stack books and trays for different levels. Drape long swaths of fabric on walls for layered, textural accents. Incorporate risers covered in draping to provide layers on stage areas.

7. Personalize With Signage

Custom signage is an easy way to infuse personality into your reception decor. Welcome signs greet guests as they arrive. Escort card displays help direct guests to their seats. Funny or heartfelt quotes set a lighthearted tone. For a unique touch, suspend a large neon sign with your new last name or wedding hashtag to use as a photo backdrop all night long.

With the right stylistic choices, you can design a jaw-dropping reception space your guests will remember. Follow these tips to style your beautiful reception area and set the stage for an incredible event. Just take care to keep the decor cohesive and let your creativity shine through. Your guests will be wowed from the moment they walk through the doors.

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