7 Ways to Fill Your Walls With Art If You Don't Like Paintings

7 Ways to Fill Your Walls With Art If You Don’t Like Paintings

Do you want to bring life to your home’s walls but traditional paintings just don’t align with your taste? Don’t worry, because paintings are not the only things that can spruce up your living space. Indeed, there are plenty of other art pieces you can hang on your walls that are more unique and better match your aesthetic preferences.

Here are just a few examples of artworks that can add personality and style to your walls: 


While some might think that posters are too juvenile, these works of art can be great alternatives to traditional paintings. Apart from being more accessible, posters also come in different designs so you can be sure to find something that suits your tastes. From typographic posters that emphasise creative font usage and layout to illustration art posters that showcase hand-drawn or digital art, you’ll never want for variety with posters.

Last but not least, posters are also quite affordable. This means you can easily switch them up, allowing you to update your wall decor with minimal effort. How convenient is that, right?


If you have photo albums or tons of pictures lying around in your house, then you have plenty of material to use as wall decorations. You can also use various display methods to make things more interesting. For instance, you can create a collage of several pictures or have one large photograph serve as a striking centrepiece. This further personalises your space and creates beautiful reminders of the memories you made so far with the people you cherish.

Wall Decals and Stickers

For those who want large-scale but non-permanent updates to their walls, decals and stickers are a perfect solution. These are available in various designs and sizes, from large whimsical illustrations that can take up your entire wall to sharp geometric shapes that can emphasise a specific area. Decals and stickers offer a unique way to add personality and style without committing to paint or wallpaper, making them particularly useful for renters or those who like to frequently change their decor.


While they may not be your first choice, mirrors are a great option for wall decor because of their functionality and style. Beyond their practical use, mirrors can also make a space feel larger and brighter. They can also fit any aesthetic as they come in different shapes and frames, like those with ornate vintage designs or sleek, modern mirrors with shiny borders. Depending on your preference, you can simply prop up a mirror of your choice against a bare wall or hang them like art. Either way, you’ll witness how it can instantly enhance your space.

Vinyl Records and CDs

If you’re a musician or just someone who loves music, consider decorating your wall space with vinyl records or CDs. This is yet another classic alternative to hanging paintings and is even more personalised since you can display your collection of favourite albums and EPs. You can also display the CD cases or vinyl record covers, since these often have distinct and aesthetic designs that can add to the appeal of your wall and the room.


Murals are one of the bolder options on this list and are meant for those who want to make a dramatic statement or a lasting impression on their visitors. You can hand-paint these murals yourself if you have the talent, or commission an artist to paint it. You also have the option to paint every wall in a room with a mini mural or have one or two accent walls with large creations. A ceiling to wall mural, in particular, can serve as a stunning backdrop in a room and provide an impactful visual focal point. What’s great about murals is that they can depict anything from serene landscapes to abstract art.

Textile Art

Are you into crocheting, embroidery, or knitting? Instead of paintings, how about you display your artworks or just create your own wall decorations! Textile art is a great and affordable way to decorate your home because you can customise the designs based on your artistic style and preferences. It’s also often cheaper than buying paintings. If you don’t know how to make your own textile art, you can always learn! Plus, it’s also a fun and productive hobby. You can also purchase textile art pieces if there’s a particular one that catches your eye. Either way, textile art is one unique way you can try to decorate your walls.

Discovering Wall Art Beyond Paintings

When it comes to decorating your walls, hanging paintings here and there isn’t your only option. You can transform your space and liven up your bare walls in different ways—you just need to be creative. With a bit of help from these suggestions, think outside the box and explore the numerous possibilities of wall decoration. Try to experiment with different options and see which of those fits your style and preferences the best.

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