7 Tips to Maintain the Efficiency of Your Fridge

Although fridges constantly take care of our food storage, we must admit that we seldom take care of them too much ourselves. In order to ensure efficient operation, it is necessary to follow several simple tips – they will help to reduce electricity costs and enable to avoid unexpected maintenance costs.

  1. Keep it away. If you have enough space, make sure that other kitchen appliances are installed as far from the fridge as possible. The heat from the oven, stove or washing machine will make the work of the fridge more difficult in order to maintain optimum cool temperature. You may rest assured that will definitely reflect on your bills and fridge operation time.
  2. Stop opening it too often. Everyone’s heard this advice many times, but do you really remember it in you daily life? If you want your fridge to work efficiently, you should.  Opening the door lets out the cool air, making the fridge cool it anew. Opening it too often increases the ‘work load’ of this appliance and it would be naive to hope it won’t affect it.
  3. Always clean the rubber of the door. This part of the fridge is responsible for keeping the appliance tightly closed, so you should periodically clean the residue accumulating on the rubber using warm water with soap. If you want to check your fridge, perform a simple test: simply insert a banknote between the door, leaving one half inside and the other – outside. If it stays there when you close the door, everything’s okay, but if it doesn’t, you should think about replacing the gasket.
  4. Do not put hot dishes inside. If you’ve just eaten and some of the food is left, don’t rush to put it in the fridge – warmer air will increase the inside temperature, loading the compressor with more work for a while. Better wait for the food to cool – it certainly won’t go bad in such a short time. But even if the food is already cool, you should take care of a closed vessel, because the moisture from the food will make the fridge dry the air, which will likely affect the taste of the food.
  5. Take care of the condenser coils. The part that is not always noticed, is responsible for fluent work of the compressor and, at the same time, of the fridge, but if the coils are covered in residue, the system may overheat. In order to avoid that, it is recommended to clean it at least once a month: information on where this part is, is included in the user manual.
  6. Avoid too low temperatures. The best temperature for keeping food is 1-4 degrees: it will definitely not go bad or freeze. Reducing the temperature puts the fluent work of the fridge at risk – the compressor will have to work longer to maintain low temperature, resulting in faster wear.
  7. Upgrade your old appliances. If your fridge is far from new, featuring a low energy-efficiency classification, even carefully following these tips won’t achieve you impressive results. These days these appliances do not require huge investments and if you’re interested in getting a high-quality, but cheaper fridge, a special offer is an excellent opportunity to get one for a friendly price. Many offers that will help you save your cash are available at Pigu.lt e-shop.

Follow these tips to maintain your fridge’s efficiency and enjoy a high-quality device. In other words, just give it some attention and it will definitely thank you for that!

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