7 Tips to Choose When Choosing Painters for Your Home

Perth receives around 3,200 hours of sunlight annually, making it the sunniest big city in Australia. This might not be surprising, because most of Western Australia has a desert climate. Perth, however, is on the coast, giving it a humid, Mediterranean climate. The sunlight and humidity in the area make it necessary to repaint your home more often than you would in other Australian cities.

Thankfully, it’s simple to find professional painters Perth residents trust with their homes’ exterior and interior paint jobs. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing painters for your home.

1.) Look for strong reviews and referrals

Ask friends, family, and neighbours for their experiences with painting contractors in the area. This information can be invaluable for finding out which painters are the best regarded in your immediate vicinity.

You might also want to explore options outside your neighbourhood. Due to the high demand for commercial and residential paint jobs, Perth also has a high number of painting contractors, many of whom have a presence online. Check out different reviews of these painters as well as of the painters referred to you by your friends and family.

2.) Narrow down the list

Some painters specialise in specific types of paint jobs, and there are different rates available as well. After sorting painting contractors by location and specialisation, you can then see who offers the best rates and terms.

3.) Make sure they’re licenced and registered

In Western Australia, the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 states that any painting work valued at over $1,000 should be performed by a registered and licenced painter. For work quoted less than $1,000, you may still want to get a licenced painter, as painting at the professional level can ensure the job is done correctly and lasts much longer.

4.) See if the contractor has done background checks on their painters

Painters can be on your property for several days at a time. If you want to make sure that you can trust them, ask the painting services company if they perform background checks on their contractors.

5.) Ask for guarantees

You don’t want to have another paint job done just a few months after the first one because the contractor did a poor job. Make sure that the contract gives you acceptable legal recourse if the painters fail to perform to your expectations.

6.) Always expect to pay at least 20% more than the estimate

If you’ve run a business yourself or have done any kind of management work, you know it’s normal to go somewhat over budget. Painters don’t always know what to expect until they start working on your property. There might also be issues finding the right type and colour of paint for the needed application, which can further increase the cost of the paint job. Try not to be too disappointed if it’s slightly more expensive than you thought it would be, and think of it as a bonus if you’re able to do things within the estimate and given budget.

7.) Ask to choose and verify the colours and hues yourself

Nothing can be as distressing as finding that the painters used the wrong shade or colour of paint. Unfortunately, choosing a hue from colour swatches are not always the best way to ensure this. Be sure that the contractor lets you see the exact shade of paint their painters will use before they even get started on your property

We hope you found these tips and ideas useful. Take your time and you’re sure to find the professional painters Perth businesses and homeowners trust the most.

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