7 Mind Blowing Ideas To Light Up Your Garden With Mirrors

Are you uninspired by the same old look in your garden? Does your garden lack certain x-factor that can spice up its overall curb appeal? If yes, then you my friend have come to the right place. Today we will talk about utilising an amazing feature that will do wonders for your garden.

Want to know what that magical feature is?

Let’s break the suspense now. We are talking about garden mirrors.

Garden mirrors are the most underrated outdoor garden furniture accessory. Usually, they are brushed aside as “indoor furniture”. However, they can be a wonderful addition to your garden, by transforming the available space into something truly inspirational. If you want to light up your garden, then consider adding a stunning wall mirror this summer.

You can make ever-lasting impressions with garden mirrors only if you know how to use them smartly. To make this easier for you, we have come up with some creative ideas to use mirrors effectively in gardens!

What Are The Benefits of Garden Mirrors?

It is so advantageous for you to incorporate mirrors in your garden. Let’s see how!

  • Garden mirrors can reflect a significant amount of light if positioned accurately. Consequently, making your garden look radiant.
  • You can create illusions and dramatic effects with illusion mirrors
  • With mirrors, you can create the illusion of extra space.
  • They can provide your garden with a facelift because they are a transformative accessory.

Fantastic Ways To Use Mirrors In Garden

Let us share the secret of the best garden mirror ideas and transform your garden.

1.    Hang A Mirror On The Central Wall

Nowadays, decorating the garden walls with small mirrors is gaining popularity. It not only looks beautiful but creates a window like effect too.

You can choose different positions in the garden to fix the mirror according to your preference. However, it would look gorgeous on the central wall behind the garden furniture.

For example, a petite distressed mirror on the wall behind your sofa set or arbour swing seat will look extremely elegant. In this way, you can add interest to an otherwise plain wall.

2.    Work Wonders With Bowling Balls

What if we tell you that you can turn a heavy bowling ball into a mirrored garden decoration?

Yes, you heard that right. It is yet another creative way to incorporate mirrors as accessories in your gardens.

If you have, any unused items in your house like bowling balls then spray a chrome metallic paint on it to give it a mirror effect. Position it in the surroundings with lots of greenery to create a truly enchanted garden.

3.    A World Of Illusions

How about creating the illusion of extra space to make your garden look bigger?

You can easily do this by using mirrors with undefined shapes or edges because they can seamlessly blend in the space. However, it requires smart placement of mirrors.

In gardens, you can give flowerbeds some depth by using small mirrors in the corners. These mirrors will reflect light in the shady patches of the garden making it brighter.

4.    Transform Your Sheds With Mirrors

Many people nowadays have sheds in their gardens, which can be the perfect place to incorporate mirrors. If you also have a garden shed in your house, you can renovate it by using mirrors. It is up to you how you choose to decorate it.

For example, you can fix a small mirror on the door of the shed. On the other hand, you can cover the entire structure with small circular mirrors. This idea will make your garden look like something out of this world.

By doing this, you can establish a huge focal point in your garden. A mirrored shed will draw the attention of your guests. Additionally, it will add some stunning reflective views in your garden.

5.    Turn The Mirror Into A Faux Window

Another trick to use mirrors is to fix them on a wall and turn them into a faux window. You can do this by adding some grids on the glass.

It will give the impression of separate panes and shutters. To make it look more authentic, you can add a flower pot holder and keep some cute planters in it.

You can apply this trick on any wall in your garden. However, it will look convincing on a shed wall.

6.    Mirrored Mosaic Wall

The most interesting and unique way to make use of broken mirror pieces is to make a mosaic wall out of them.

In this way, you can add many mirrors in your garden in an impressive style.

However, this idea requires you to take precautionary measures. You should wear protective gloves while creating a mirror mosaic wall to avoid any injuries. It enables you to create different abstract patterns with glass pieces on one of the walls of your garden. A mirrored mosaic wall can become the centre of attention for all guests. You can host BBQ parties in your garden and your guests would love to sit in such a beautifully decorated outdoor space.

7.    Cute Mirror Planters

The simplest way of using mirrors in the garden is by keeping mirrored plant boxes. Planters are an essential part of the garden that can contribute to increasing its beauty.

Therefore, while buying plant boxes for your garden, prefer the ones with mirrors.

Tiny-mirrored plant boxes will not only look adorable but will reflect light all over the garden too. You can easily find cute and attractive planters online or from furniture stores.

There are plenty of ways to use mirrors in outdoor spaces. You just need to think of creative ways that can help you to show off your garden. This summer get a mirror for your garden if you want to have a stunning front or backyard. Do let us know what you think about the above-mentioned ideas in the comment section.