7 Best Smart Appliances for Your Living-Room in India

Smart appliances are starting to dominate in India with the advent of the Smart TV. On a search for the best TV in India, people often stumble onto the Smart TVs and much more. Most e-commerce platforms and search engines suggest other smart appliances as well. Here is list for the best TV in India category – https://www.bijlibachao.com/appliances/best-television-tv-buying-guide-sony-samsung-lg-sharp-india.html. But TVs aside, the appliances are getting smarter by the day.Here are the seven best appliances for the living room in India, and obviously, it includes the best TV in India:

  • Smart TV: Any list of smart appliances for the living room is incomplete without a Smart TV on it. The majority of Smart TVs now come with multiple options of connectivity ranging from HDMI and USB ports to Wi-Fi Direct, Apps, Games, and live streaming.
  • Smart Lights: A definite essential in the household smart appliances list is a Smart Lighting system. Finding a light switch in the dark is a hassle and the sensors that automatically switch on the lights whenever someone enters the room is a great boon.
  • Smart Storage System: Missing the favorite show because the TV or PC failed or even worse, losing hours of hard work because of the same reasons is frustrating and unacceptable. Luckily, a Smart Storage System will automatically backup data and store it centrally. The system is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X for home networks.
  • Virtual Presence Device: In a world where personal robots cannot get here any sooner, a virtual presence device is a nice compromise. A robot with built-in functions mounted with a wireless webcam moves around to interact with people remotely via the Internet.
  • Universal Remote: Be it a PC, an audio system, a gaming console, or any entertainment hub – this remote knows all, sees all, and controls all. Definitely, a handy thing to have for homes with multiple devices. Some models even support air conditioners and air coolers.
  • Keyless Door Lock: A must-have for every Bond villain ever, this cool gadget is now available for every home. The keyless door lock with anOLED display is usually meant for the front door. But, it is definitely a great buy for any door for extra convenience.
  • Smart AC: Virtually every home has an air conditioner these days and they can consume a lot of power. The extra bump on the utility bill is not really appreciated, which makes Smart ACs the perfect buy for consumers. Built-in Eco-Mode, Sleep Timers, and Soundless Modes make it appealing as is. On top of that, they are Wi-Fi ready for an unlimited

The average home does not, of course, have all these – at least not in India. However, a change is coming and people are becoming more and more aware of smart appliances. For instance, the Smart TV is a big hit and will probably remain the best TV in India for a long time. In fact, there is a lot to be said about different types of TVs for the living room – smart or not. Finding the best TV in India is no longer the only thing that consumers are interested in, though. There has also been a huge uptick in the consumption of other smart appliances. One can only hope that India picks up the smart appliance trend even faster in the future.

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