7 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips from the Technician’s Book

7 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips from the Technician’s Book

Understanding how the AC in your home works will help you maintain it for optimal performance. An air conditioner has three main parts; the evaporator inside your house, a condenser, and a compressor (both outside the house). Inside all the parts flow a refrigerant that draws warm air from home and cools it before it is pumped back into the house. Follow the following AC maintenance and repair tips to keep your AC in top shape.

1. Keep the AC Clean

When you clean dust and debris off your AC, you facilitate the efficient operation of your AC. To do that, vacuum the AC unit, especially the fins and the fan, or clean with a soft-bristled brush. The fins are fragile, and you need to be careful not to bend or crush them. The easiest way to access the fins is to unscrew and lift off the metal box.

2. Use a Programmable Thermostat

One way to protect your AC is to ensure you do not overwork it. A programmable thermostat helps you set the right temperature, so the AC does not over-cool the room. The thermostat helps you set various temperatures throughout the day to save energy without having to hover on the dial.

3. Quiet Your AC if it Gets Noisy

Compressors are notorious for AC noises. The fan in your condenser is probably quiet unless the AC is old. You can call the manufacturer and ask for a sound blanket that works for your AC model, or buy a universal blanket that works with all compressors. If your compressor is old, a new sound blanket will not help as the noise will persist.

4. Check for Bent or Crushed Fins

Unscrew and remove the metal box to inspect the fins. If the fins are bent or crushed, the AC might not perform efficiently. You only need a dinner knife to get the fins back in shape. Insert the knife at least half an inch in and gently shape the fins.

5. Replace the Filter

The furnace filter can clog with dust and debris. To keep your system working optimally, turn off the power, remove the furnace filter, and check for dirt. If the dust buildup is too much, replace the filter.

6. Size Your AC Right

If you are buying a new unit or replacing the old system, ensure you have the right AC size. If the AC is sized small, it will have to work hard to keep your space cooled. This way, it will wear out fast. To get the right size, you need to know the size of your house in cubic feet or estimate the size.

7. Use Windows To Control Heat

If the windows in your house face the sun, keep these windows closed and covered to ensure that no heat comes in. When so much heat comes in through the windows, the AC works harder, which causes it to wear out fast.

When you AC won’t run, you can troubleshoot the problem before calling a professional. Check all parts one by one, starting with the filter, fins, wiring, and the duct.

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