6 Best Uses for Mid-Century Dining Chairs Outside of the Dining Room

It is a common problem: You want enough chairs to seat everyone around the table when you have company, but you don’t want to leave them around it all the time. After all, a dining room table with eight chairs is a little bit much for a family of two’s daily meals. Luckily, there are many creative ways to use those extra mid-century dining chairs that help make them a useful and attractive part of your household decor.

1. Blanket Storage

Blankets are another of those things that are useful to have on hand, but that can quickly take over. That makes using extra dining chairs for blanket storage a perfect way to solve two problems at once. Place one or two chairs together along a wall and top them with a few folded blankets. You can even top them off with a  throw pillow or two to complete the look.

2. Extra Living Room Seating

A couple of sturdy armchairs can easily serve double duty as living room seating when they aren’t needed in the dining room. This is a super versatile solution since you can move them back and forth quickly, even if you need them in both roles while hosting company. While armchairs are nice for the living room, they aren’t required. Upholstered side chairs fit well into the functional design elements of many mid-century-styled rooms.

3. Guest Bedroom Decor

Guest bedrooms are spaces that often get filled with various cast-off pieces of furniture. This can lead to a mismatched appearance. Using a pair of extra mid-century dining chairs can help counter this effect. A little creativity can go a long way to making this approach work. For example, topped with a small tray, chairs can make perfect bedside tables. They can also fit in front of a desk or vanity table.

4. Entryway Seating

The mid-century style is generally low-fuss. However, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo extra touches like an entryway seat. Instead, use a practical dining chair in this space. Place it next to a small pedestal table or vertical stand to make it even more inviting and functional.

5. Fireside Arrangement

Fireplaces are excellent focal points for living rooms, but they aren’t always in the best places to design your main seating areas around. Luckily, this is a perfect way to put your extra mid-century dining chairs to work. Two or three compact chairs around a pouf or small table make an excellent fireside arrangement that can easily be taken apart to accommodate dinner guests.

6. Cozy Reading Corner

Book lovers know the value of a quiet corner to slip away. Create this type of space by placing a comfortable spare dining chair and side table in a corner. Add a lamp to provide lighting and you have a great reading nook to retreat to when you need a quick escape.

Make the Most of Your Extra Mid-Century Dining  Chairs

A few extra mid-century or modern dining chairs are an excellent addition that can work in so many ways throughout your home.

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