5 Ways to Select the Best Canvas Prints in Australia

Australia has a long history of creating visual arts, and that’s evident in its aboriginal culture. Some cave arts on the continent date back to 30,000 years. Even in contemporary terms, the country has a distinctive taste and admiration for creativity. Almost every Australian home has one or more art prints adorning its walls. 

Canvas prints in Australia aren’t a new trend, but they are definitely the ones to stay. Home stylists focus on using contemporary, eccentric, and quintessential art forms to dress up your walls. If you’re contemplating a change of artwork in your living room or bedroom walls, here’s how to choose the right one.

Choose the Right Theme

Before you shop around for canvas prints, think about the image you want to pick for your walls. Whether you love a vintage print, beach scenery, or family portrait, the choice is yours. Recently, the focal region of Australian art lovers has shifted from classic coastal regions to the inland deserts of Palm Springs. So, you can also choose a print that’s seeped into local geography yet stands out with a unique international vibe. 

Even if you like traditional beach prints, get a bit experimental and choose a print depicting coastal sand dunes, surfboards, or beach seagrass. Landscape prints inspired by the 17th and 18th Century artists can create a perfect vintage wall in your living room. 

Choose the Right Size

Even after selecting a stunning canvas print, it may not offer the desired effect. Improper size can be the reason. Too small prints create gaps in the design consistency, while larger prints make the space look crowded. Hence, measure the size of the wall where you intend to hang the print and buy accordingly. 

The thumb rule says that wall art shouldn’t take more than 50-75% of available space. If you have an ample space like a blank wall behind your couch, choose a larger print. 

Complement the Space

Never choose a canvas print that looks out of place in your hallway or room. For example, if you have a modern décor, pick an abstract art print. 

For rustic or Bohemian style interiors, you can go for aboriginal canvas prints in Australia. The country has a huge market for aboriginal arts, and you can find prints displaying motifs like an Australian bottle brush, flowering gum, Bush sunshine, etc. 

Choose the Right Frame

When buying a canvas print, you invest for many years. Hence, selecting the right frame type also matters. For sustainability and durability, pick timber frames with high-quality construction. The best prints come with canvas stretched over a sturdy timber frame for versatile use. You can hang the artwork anywhere you want on its brass fittings.

Choose the Right Colour Scheme

If you want the canvas to be the highlight of your space, select the right colours, too. Always go for the opposite colours of the spectrum, so the artwork will complement the wall, not clash with its colour. For sober décor, choose analogous colours that sit adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. Saturated colours throw off radiant vibes while muted hues create a calm and cosy space. 

Once you know what you want in your canvas print, look for the right places to buy one. You can choose an online store or visit traded fairs like AGHA Gift Fair, Life in Style, or REED Gift Fair if you’re in Melbourne to find the finest collection at a single place.

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