5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Traditional

Many people don’t embrace modern living – they believe it is why they feel depressed and down in the dumps. When it comes to bathrooms, for instance, they far prefer the traditional bathroom look. Five ways you can simply, without spending too much, make your bathroom feel more traditional is to –

  1. Tile your bathroom. Tiles are hygienic, trendy and fresh and you can choose from heaps of styles, patterns, shapes and colours.

  1. Gone are the days when you had chrome tapware as your only choice. Now there are artistic alternatives in copper or brass or other materials in different colours to suit any taste.

  1. A round mirror may well be a classic choice for a bathroom, but large square mirrors with- or without a frame can be an eye-catching statement piece in your bathroom.

  1. Wooden accessories such as wooden towel rings, wooden toilet brush holders and wooden shelves can add charm to your cold, formal bathroom.

  1. Round toilet seats work with a traditional bathroom. People looking for a traditional look appreciate that these round toilet seats are plain, simple and understated and that removing a plastic seat and replacing it with a wooden seat can do wonders when it comes to giving your bathroom a more luxurious, warmer look. The two types of wood which are most commonly used for wooden toilets is MDF- or solid wood. MDF wooden seats are made up of pressed wood fibres while solid wooden seats are often made from pine or oak.

Wooden Toilet Seats – Warm and Appealing

Many traditionalists prefer a toilet seat that is more closely attuned to nature, something that is warm, attractive, appealing and also functional. Most people prefer the rustic vibe of a traditional bathroom setting and they like the many options you have with toilet seats. Wooden toilet seats are able to withstand the same weights as plastic seats, and a well-made seat can last a number of years. A solid wooden toilet seat in place of the white plastic toilet seat is guaranteed to make an impression, especially if you opt for wooden seats with painted surfaces. Do research and find the best toilet seat for you.

Do Research for a Solid, Robust Seat

True, wood is less resistant to wear and tear, but if you look after the wood, it gives you a warmer seat and gives your bathroom a more stylish, traditional look to it. Finding the best toilet seat for your bathroom simply requires knowing what your preference is, and if its wood, there are excellent wooden toilet seats from top bathroom companies.

Materials used for traditional bathrooms is often natural, and wood fits in perfectly to a traditional bathroom. These days traditional is popular because it is classic, timeless and never boring.

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