5 Types of Commercial Door Locks  

Whether you have spent years building up a successful business or you are just starting on the journey, you must keep your premises as safe as possible. This is the main reason why lots of businesses use commercial grade locks to secure the doors and windows in offices, warehouses and retail outlets. 

If you’re thinking about new locks for your business it is important to get a feel for which types of locks best match your requirements. One way to do this is to employ the services of approved locksmiths in Newcastle. Most locksmiths in Newcastle will be only too happy to survey your property and advise on the best option for you. 

Although there are many different types of lock, the ones most commonly found in commercial premises tend to be mortice locks, padlocks, keypad door locks and cylindrical lever locks. Below we have listed some of the features of the most popular types of lock to help you make a decision. 

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are a good choice for use in commercial premises because of their strength and durability. This makes them the ideal choice for areas that are constantly used. Mortice locks contain many key elements that work together to make an extremely secure door lock. Mortice locks are perfect for locations that experience high volumes of traffic. High-Security mortice locks will be made to comply with standards laid down by British Standard such as BS3621 or BS8621. It is advisable to check that any locks you choose for your premises conform to British Standards. 


Padlocks are free-standing portable locks that come in a wide range of sizes. Padlocks are probably the most recognised type of lock available. The big advantage is that they are a movable lock that is not permanently attached to the building. The most common use for padlocks is on the gates of a property. However, they can also be used with a chain to secure different types of door. The two main types of padlocks are combination padlocks and keyed padlocks. 

Commercial Panic Bars 

Panic Bars are a familiar sight in all manner of business premises. To open the door with a panic bar you simply push it in. They can also be used to manage emergencies by alerting colleges. Panic bars are often found on doors installed at fire exits.  Panic bars have longevity but need to be regularly maintained to ensure they are fully operational if required. 

Keypad Door Locks

As a result of the features, they contain keypad locks that are the ideal choice for a business with several employees. Keypad locks give approved personnel access to the premises without the need for you to issue staff with individual keys. This ensures you don’t have to compromise security in any way. Keypad door locks also allow you to prevent access to unauthorised personnel.

The advancement in technology means that many keypads now make use of biometrics. This means your staff can gain entry by the use of a thumbprint or eye recognition. This type of keypad will add a level of security for your business as it is virtually impossible to bypass these systems. 

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical lever locks are frequently used for internal doors in many commercial establishments. Cylindrical Lever locks are used in commercial properties as they are specifically designed to handle high volumes of traffic. These locks can be operated with a code or by using a code in conjunction with a push button. As a business owner keeping your commercial property and staff and customers safe is paramount. A key aspect of this is making sure you have the best quality locks on your doors and windows. 

If you are not sure what type of lock is suitable for your business a quick call to your nearest approved locksmiths in Newcastle will help you decide.  

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