5 Tips To Upgrade Your Bedroom For More Comfortable Experience

Your bedroom is where you wake up and go to bed, meaning that it’s both the first and the last area you see every day. This is why its state, design, and functionality are so important. The state of your bedroom can help you get better rest, it can help you recharge your batteries, and it can even affect your intimate life. Here are the top five tips on how you can upgrade your bedroom for a more comfortable experience. 

Tray ceilings

These so-called inverted ceilings are a great way to add elegance to your bedroom. They create a sense of depth and enhance the overall level of luxury that you can add to your bedroom. You can even go for a wood ceiling for an even more luxurious look. 

Apart from working great with crown molding, they’re amazing for concealing wiring and ductwork. This is incredibly important since modern bedrooms often have more electronics (especially in smart homes). 

One of the biggest perks of having a tray ceiling (or even a coffered ceiling) is adding light in these niches. This helps you add multi-colored lights to enhance the atmosphere. It also allows you to add adjustable or layered lighting schemes to your bedroom. This means you’ll be able to enhance the ambiance in the bedroom and add some more romance to your home life.

Speaking of your private life, a tray ceiling improves the bedroom acoustics (without allowing the noise to leak outside). We won’t go into detail when explaining why this is such a great idea. Even if you just want to play the audio of fire crackling while reading in your corner nook, better acoustics in the bedroom are always welcome.

Blackout curtains

The next thing you need to focus on is the blackout curtains. One thing that you want in your bedroom is privacy. Even if it’s not on the ground floor, the last thing you want is to think about the bedroom silhouettes when you illuminate the room with candles.

Then, let’s not forget the primary purpose of the bedroom. What if you want to sleep in on Sunday? Do you want the sun to wake you up too early? The simplest way to solve this is with blackout curtains.

The material of the curtains in question matters, as well. Ideally, you want acoustic curtains. This, combined with acoustic sound panels, will provide optimal privacy even within your home. It will also keep the outside noises in, giving you the oasis of peace you always deserved.

From the aesthetic standpoint, you can pick any color or texture. Even when it comes to the size, you have a choice in front of you. Ideally, we would recommend floor-to-ceiling curtains, but this mostly depends on the window size. 

Functional upgrades

The way you use your bedroom is so important. This is why you want to work on its functionality, as well. For instance, the first thing you need to do is add some bedside charging stations. People love using their phone before going to bed, and they leave it at their bedside when going to sleep. The majority of people don’t have a conventional alarm clock. Instead, their phone does this for them.

You also want to consider under bed storage. This is the best way to store things in a bedroom since this area is usually unused or underused. It’s also at the room’s central point, covering a huge area. Since your bed is the main reason you don’t have more storage space, making it into your storage solution is intuitive. 

Soft area rug

An area rug can enrich any room. Now, remember that the list of benefits of getting an area rug for your bedroom is simply too long. First of all, the aesthetic benefits are incredible. It ties the room together.

Second, a lot of people walk barefoot across their bedrooms. Even people who wear shoes indoors take them off when going to bed. Not only will an area rug make your traveling across the room warmer, but it will also make it quieter and more comfortable. Now, you can leave the room and go to work while your partner still sleeps without waking them up. You also have the privilege of feeling the sensation of wool running through your toes. 

Aside from this, an area rug can increase the temperature in the room by as much as two degrees. This alone is a huge improvement in the overall coziness of the area, and it might even positively reflect on your power bill. 

The only downside is that the cost of a quality rug might be quite steep.

Make a reading nook

If you’re only sleeping, reading before bed, and spending some time with your partner in the room, it’s already one of the most important areas of the room. However, why not try to get more from it? Give yourself another reason to spend time in the bedroom.

Many people make a bedroom or closet office, but this is not the best of ideas. First, you won’t be eligible for home office deductions. This is because, to qualify, the room needs to be single-purpose. If the room is 8% of your home, you can get an 8% deduction on utilities as business expenses, etc. You also don’t want to work where you sleep since, during remote work, you’ll mostly be confined to a single room. It can also be a problem if it’s a shared bedroom and your partner wants to sleep.

Instead, make a reading nook. Add an armchair, prepare floor lighting, and add a small (or huge) shelf for your books. Consider a scented candle or an air freshener as well. A small Bluetooth speaker to play the sounds of crackling fire or rain can drastically enhance your reading experience. 

Wrap up

As you can see, there are so many creative ideas that you should try. It all comes down to what you want from your bedroom. Your budget will also play a role; you should never forget that it’s sometimes a bedroom you share with your partner. So, ask them for their opinion, as well.  

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