5 things you should know about metal roofs

An attractive and long-lasting trend, metal roofs have become a popular and sustainable alternative to more traditional roofing materials. Yet they’re not just a trend: there are many reasons why a homeowner might choose a metal roof over other options.

1. Metal Roofs Aren’t Noisier Than Other Roofs

A metal roof is installed over dampening material, to avoid sound being transmitted directly into the home. They aren’t any noisier than asphalt roofs, even when it rains. This common misconception comes from older shack-style metal roofs, which could have a pinging sound.

2. A Metal Roof Can Last Up to 50 Years

Metal roofs are more sustainable and long-lasting than other options. An asphalt roof will last 20 years. A metal roof will last 50 years. While it’s more expensive to purchase and install initially, it will save money over time.

3. Metal Roofs Are Fireproof

Especially in areas that have wildfires, metal roofs are becoming popular because they resist fire. Even if a fire is severe, a metal roof is going to be able to resist against it and consequently won’t spread the fire.

4. Metal Roofs Can Reduce Cooling By Up to 25%

Metal roofs are falsely thought to add to cooling bills: instead, they reduce cooling costs by up to 25%. This is because metal roofs actually redirect solar energy rather than sinking it in.

5. Metal Roofs Can Be Considered Sustainable

In addition to saving energy costs, metal roofs are sustainable because they need to be recycled. Comparatively, asphalt roofs are wasteful: once the material is done with, it has to be thrown away.

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