5 Things That Happen When You Don’t Change Your Air Filters

The air filters in your home’s heating and air conditioning system play a much bigger role than you ay imagine. It is recommended that air filters be replaced every 30 to 90 days because they can quickly become dirty and clogged from dirt, dust, pet hair, and other airborne allergens flowing through the air ducts of your home. 

Despite the importance of replacing air filters, it is one of the most overlooked home maintenance tasks. Here are 5 things than can happen if you are not changing your air filters on a regular basis.

  1. You Will Have Higher Energy Bills

Regardless of temperature, air pushed through from either your heating system or air conditioning system must pass through the air filters of your system. When your air filters are dirty, you force your HVAC system to work harder to get the air through in order to heat or cool your home. This reduces the effectiveness of your HVAC system requiring it to use more energy and in turn create higher energy bills. By simply changing your air filters, you can save money on your month utility bills. 

  1. Your Home Will Not Be As Comfortable

Clogged air filters prevent your furnace or air conditioner from keeping up with the settings on your thermostat, meaning it will be less cool or less warm than you want it to be. Dust and dirt that accumulate on the filters will restrict the amount of air that can be passed through. With poor air flow, some rooms may even feel warmer than you’d like, while others stay cold. With clean air filters, both warm and cool air can flow freely through your HVAC system to keep you and your family as comfortable as possible.

  1. It Will Take Longer To Heat Or Cool Your Home

Even if you do not experience an issue with the temperature settings, you will likely find that it will take longer for your home to warm up or cool down if your air filters are dirty. As air filters become dirtier, it becomes more difficult for your HVAC system to move air into your home and in turn slows down how effectively it can work. 

  1. Your HVAC System Will Be Overworked

The harder your furnace or air conditioner have to work to get air through the filters and into your home, the greater the demand and stress on your HVAC system will be. When your system is continually overworked or forced to continue working under strain, it can significantly affect the life span of your system as a whole. Rather than paying to replace a furnace or air conditioner that broke down earlier than it should have, take the time to simply replace air filters and stay up to date on routine maintenance. 

  1. Your Indoor Air Quality Will Suffer

Air filters become clogged with dirt, dust, pet dander, and other airborne contaminants that are then passed through the air vents and into your home. Dirty or clogged air filters cannot fulfill their purpose in filtering out the allergens and particles that affect the air quality inside your home. With clean air filters, you can improve air quality and reduce the amount of airborne contaminants they are breathing in. 

To schedule annual maintenance for your Las Vegas HVAC system or for help in changing out air filters, call Precision Air today at (702) 546-9825.


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