5 Smart Ways to Get Your Yard Summer-Ready

Thinking about how you can make your yard summer-ready? With the sizzling temperatures just around the corner, it pays to prep your yard early. You’ll avoid working in the heat and have more free time to get up to summertime shenanigans.

So, what exactly should you do to have your yard primed for summer fun? Take a look.

1 – Weed and feed your lawn

Love the luxurious look of an emerald green lawn? Then, right now–the middle of spring–is the ideal time to apply a weed and feed product to your yard.

Weed and feed products take a two-prong approach to strengthen your grass so that it can withstand the blazing hot summer temperatures.

First, it targets the most common weeds and kills them (without doing any harm to your grass). This treatment strengthens your lawn by allowing the roots to pull nutrients from the soil without competing with the invasive species for that same nutrition.

Second, they feed the soil added nutrients that will help your grass grow healthy, thick, and greener than ever before.

2 – Add some privacy

Nosy neighbors always looking over at you while you’re chilling on your deck? Amp up the appearance of your backyard and add some privacy to adding privacy screens to your area.

Sound like a difficult task? Don’t worry, opt for assembled panels that only require mounting or staking.

My pick? Coastal Metal Art’s metal privacy screen panels are expertly fabricated, chic and elegant privacy. They ship them right to your door.

Just stake them into the ground or attach them to your deck for an instant transformation. And, you’ll reclaim your privacy when it’s time for entertaining your friends and family.

3 – Clean up your patio furnishings

After a long winter, your patio furnishings are probably looking a bit shabby. If you cover them for protection, you will probably find hazy green mildew awaiting you when you take them out of storage.

Nobody wants to sit in a nasty mildew-laden chair. Clean these items up, and you’re practically ready for guests to arrive!

You don’t need any special cleaning solutions. What you will need is remarkably simple–a scrub brush and a bucket of warm water and two cups of white vinegar will both scrub away the dirt and remove the mildew stains. You need little more than good, old-fashioned elbow grease.

White vinegar cleans effectively without damaging your surfaces and will help to inhibit the reappearance of mildew. What are you waiting for, get scrubbing!

4 – Invest in colorful flowers

Nothing adds a burst of vibrant color to a summertime garden like colorful flowers. Whether you love bold purples, bright pinks, or seductive red hues, select the right plants to add the pops of color that will make your space unique.

Fill tall containers with greenery mixed with annuals to flank your entryways. Use unique planters to add character to your garden and patio. Plant climbing plants near a metal trellis and watch the riot of color develop. And, don’t forget to add tabletop arrangements to enjoy every evening of al fresco dining.

Check with your local gardening center to find the flora that will flourish in your plant hardiness zone; be sure also to ask them when it’s safe to plant them! Plant them asap to ensure they’re summer-ready.

5 – Night lights

If you plan on relaxing outdoors late into the evening, install some evening lighting to help you navigate in the dark. String whimsical outdoor fairly lights from the canopy of your trees. Add solar pathway lights to guide you down the deck steps and near the entrance doors. And, if you want to make a longer-term investment, spend some cash on smart lights that you control with a swipe of your phone screen or with Alexa.

The options are endless and good lighting adds to your personal safety.

The Takeaway

Summertime is just around the corner; so, we’ll be packing our bags and heading for the beaches before you know it. Spending the time making your yard summer-ready now will make for less time you must spend when it’s time for fun in the summertime sun.

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