5 Saarinen armchair ideas for sprucing up your dining rooms!

Eero Saarinen is quite popular for designing timeless furniture and the Saarinen chair is one of his classic masterpieces. It’s the kind of chair that can be featured in a number of spaces – be it living rooms, bedrooms, and more. But it looks especially special when furnished in the dining rooms. It’s comfortable and stylish – but best of all, it’s got perfectly versatile visuals so it can pair well with several dining table styles. If you want some great inspiration in this regard, check out these 5 amazing ideas to use this chair in your dining rooms:

  1. Creating the Saarinen effect


If you’re a true fan of Eero Saarinen, then you’ll definitely want to get the full effect in your home! You can pair the Saarinen chairs with the tulip table (another iconic piece of furniture) to create the most stylish dining room ever! This image is such an amazing example of how you can make the most of this pair. The elliptical tulip table makes a gorgeous statement as the veritable centerpiece of the living room, while the Saarinen chairs in white upholstery add a breezy elegance to the whole aesthetic.

  1. Glass topped and sleek


The fabric-clad bodies of the Saarinen chair would look absolutely amazing with a glass topped dining table. If you look at this image, you’ll see how the comfy form of the chair complements the sleekness of the glass top of the table. It’s a contrasting pair that complements one another perfectly!

  1. Going modern contemporary


The sweeping curves and contours of the Saarinen chair would make a stylish statement in a modern contemporary style dining room. In fact, this image shows the perfect inspiration! It’s got a gentle charisma that makes the tall volume of the dining space feel even more spacious. The chairs also complement the overall styling of the dining area quite nicely!

  1. The eclectic-scandi effect


In this image, you can see a Scandinavian style dining room with an eclectic twist. The sheer white backdrop with simple shapes and décor evokes the most minimalist vibe possible – even the wood-topped dining table is artistically plain. It’s the Saarinen chairs that are used to evoke the eclectic end of this theme. Their gentle lime-green color provides some easy-going visual contrast to the surroundings and makes it feel super fun yet understated at the same time!

  1. Going for a colored theme


The Saarinen chair would be the perfect addition in a dining room that’s being styled in a certain color. Its upholstery is easily customizable so you can match the fabric to the walls and décor – even contrast it if you want to get that look. This image shows such an excellent example of this technique. The distressed blue walls coupled with the serpentine color of the dining able and artsy rugs really goes well with the shelter blue hue of the chairs. It’s an excellent way to design a colored dining room.

So, these are some ideas to incorporate the Saarinen chair in your dining areas. We hope they help you get ahead with your brainstorming and help you come up with stylish ideas of your own.

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