5 Reasons Why Acrylic Beats Tile

Thinking about a bathroom remodel? One of the biggest decisions you’ll make is on the look and feel of the shower or bathtub. Here are five reasons why you should consider an acrylic tub installation over tiling.

  1. Easier to Clean and Maintain

What could be easier to clean than wiping down a seamless plastic surface? Acrylic tubs and surrounds top the list of low-key bathroom maintenance. Most tile surrounds recommend squeegeeing down all surfaces after every shower. Who wants to take the time to do that? Even with constant moisture maintenance, the grout between tiles is notorious for trapping mildew overtime, requiring either deep, harsh cleaning or labor-intensive re-grouting.

  1. More Affordable

If you’re on a budget, choosing an acrylic tub installation can save you thousands of dollars. Even the most affordable tiles are costly to install because of the multi-step processes required. Acrylic is high quality plastic, an easy-to-make material with savings passed on to you.

  1. More Durable

Tiles can crack, break, or crumble, and frequently do. While you may have some extra tiles left over from the installation, getting someone in to remove the broken piece and put in a new one will cost you hundreds of dollars and several days of your life. The hard, thick plastic of acrylic tubs and surrounds is resistant to scratches and chips, creating a solid, dependable vessel for your bath or shower for years to come.

  1. Faster Installation

If you’re a contractor behind on a project, installing an acrylic tub and surround can help you get back on track. Tiling a bathroom shower or tub can take days, not to mention the additional time required for grouting and letting everything dry. Acrylic surrounds can be up and running in a matter of hours.

  1. Easier Tackle for a DIYer

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom yourself, and your day job isn’t as a contractor, you’ll want to consider the steepness of the learning curve for tub and shower materials. While both tile and acrylic tub installation options are within the possibilities for most DIYers, tile installation requires some art flare for a great, aligned finish. With an acrylic unit, there’s a lot more room for error with still having a great finished product.

If you’re looking for acrylic tub installation options, check out American Bath Enterprises, Inc. They carry a wide variety of top-quality acrylic shower and tub enclosures, all manufactured in the USA. All American Bath Enterprises, Inc. surrounds are made with care and designed to last without yellowing or cracking. No matter the dimensions of your area, there’s an AmeriWall™ product perfect for your needs and tastes. For anyone with limited mobility, they also offer a complete ADA compliant shower system. Contact American Bath Enterprises, Inc. today to take the first step towards your dream bathroom!

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