5 Interior Design Trends for 2020


The importance of ones home is one that is not up for debate. While a lot of people nowadays live on the go lifestyles, at the end of the day, one’s house is the area where they come at the end of it all, to release, unwind, and prepare for the next. With that being said, a major concern should be making sure that one’s living space is not only comfortable, but one that looks nice.

Somewhere that’s designed well will not only constitute for maximum comfort, but helps with productivity and functionality as well. While it can be hard to figure out just how to spruce up a dull apartment or home, paying attention to the most popular interior design trends of the year 2020 can make it extremely easy to get inspiration and ideas.

  1. Rounded Edges

The idea of furniture with rounded edges is one that has been discussed a lot recently as well. In prior years, hard edges and rectangular pieces have been all the rage, and while many people still appreciate this look, curves and contours in pieces has been something a lot of people want to implement into their homes this year.

  1. The “Sleek” Look

The modern sleek look has been becoming more popular as well. This can be easily acheieved through color and texture of pieces. Things like all black rooms, smooth leather and metallic pieces, and marble countertops are key features of this look. These elements create a sleek effect that is not only wildly popular right now, but by many is considered “timeless” and one that will work for ages beyond this one. So for anyone who would like a “one and done” type deal, the sleek look would be an awesome idea to go for.

  1. The “Off” Trend

Another concept designers have been talking about this year that is interesting is the “off trend” trend. Essentially, this states that a lot of the designing this year will be focused on not following trends, but creating a unique space that is different from everyone else’s. Pieces like abstract art, and weird texture furniture are an easy way to implement this trend. And if help is needed among this one, there are many resources one can reach out to, such as local interior designers, and services that help with installation art  Dallas Texas.

  1. Patterned Pieces

In opposition to the sleek look mentioned above, the idea of patterned pieces has been all the rage as well. While this concept does not coincide with the sleek one, it has it’s own appeal because of how colorful and original it has proven to be. Things like patterned rugs are most common, but even wallpapers and furniture pieces in general can coincide with this trend.

  1. Two Toned Kitchens

In the past, something that has always been fairly common is the concept of a color scheme. For anyone unfamiliar with this, typically, this means that a room will have a decided color, and the pieces and elements in the room will match, making a uniform monochrome look. This year, however, the concept has been changed in it’s entirety, at least specifically for kitchens. The “two-toned” kitchen is an idea that has recently been popular amongst designers. Having white walls with black cabinets and counter tops is a very easy way to implement this multi color facet.


Although styles and trends are ever changing, it’s actually fairly easy to stay on top of them. This year however, a lot of new ones have arisen, offering many types of inspiration for people when it comes to interior design. For anyone who may not specifically be gifted in the area, there are many other resources that can be reached out to, like designers, art piece selectors, and services that help with installation art in dallas texas.

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