5 Creative Ideas for Storing Your Jewelry

You can never have too much jewelry but it can become a problem when you want to store it. Your jewelry should stand out and have a place in your room. This is why you should be as creative as you can and make it unique and personal to you. In this guide, we explore five creative ideas for storing your jewelry.  

Jewelry drawer 

Assign a drawer in your bedroom or closet to hold jewelry. After you have done that, you should then sort necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more into the various slots of a jewelry drawer organizer that has sections of varying sizes. This can be a nice place to put all your precious jewelry in a safe place where it is easily accessible which will be very convenient when trying to get your collection in a rush. With the chosen drawer, you could also personalize it by painting or drawing on it to make it more unique and special.   

Display Jewellery on a bookshelf  

A bookshelf can always be multi-purposeful letting you have full use of making it in storage for jewelry. These can be decorated and made to fit into the room and even accentuate the theme while letting you access your jewelry quickly if needed. To do this, you can install mini cup hooks on a bookshelf to hang necklaces from and even lean picture frames against the wall to hold bracelets and bangles.  This can be a great option to display your silver Judaica.  

Repurpose other household items  

This would be a great alternative to throwing things out and letting you reuse valuable belongings. Things like ceramic bowls, cups, or trays can make for pretty jewelry displays as they could hold a lot of items and you can decorate it as well to fit into the theme of your bedroom. You can also use items like tiered cake stands or napkin holders to store and display your jewelry creatively.  

Jewellery Organizer Stand  

This makes a perfect addition to your room as this can even accessorize your room making it stand out. You can store the earrings on the top of a dressing table or bathroom vanity countertop to prevent loss, breakage, and underuse. If it is a place where you will see it regularly then you will be less likely to forget about them. These jewelry organizer stands are widely versatile as they come in many sizes and styles, allowing you to see all of your selections with ease and let them fit into any background.   

Hang a Wall Jewelry Organizer 

This would always be a good investment as it doesn’t take up too much room and can fit anywhere while fitting into every room theme. You can find a jewelry organizer that hangs on the wall over your dressing table. Then to make it special to you, you can personalize it. You can also decorate a shallow cabinet with patterned fabric, paint or black velvet linings and wallpaper to make a homemade wall jewelry organizer. 

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