5 Benefits of Window Replacement

Everybody talks about upgrading and changing their windows. It’s the newest trend for homeowners and they are smart to talk about it. From increasing home value to improving natural light, replacement windows offer many benefits and should at least be considered. We recommend booking an estimate with your local windows and doors company if you’re interested in window replacement for your home.

Here are the 5 benefits of window replacement:

  1. Lower Energy Bills

The biggest benefit out of window replacement is lower energy costs. This is because old or low-quality windows do more damage than good. They let cold breezes in even when the windows are closed, they get loose or stuck and they usually leak or get surrounded by mold.

This significantly influences your energy costs because the more draftiness inside, the more you need to turn on the heater. Contrary to these old windows, new ones work amazing and none of this happens. In fact, new vinyl windows can cut 15% of energy spending.

  1. Less outside Noise

Besides keeping cold weather outside in winter and hot in summer, windows also protect us from noise and UV damage. One of the signs for poor windows is faded furniture and poor soundproofing. So, if recently, your neighbors have started to become louder, you may need new windows.

To sum up, replacement windows will keep your home safe from damaging UV rays and maximize privacy with keeping outside disturbances to a minimum.

  1. Better Curb Appeal

For those more interested in aesthetics than practicality, here is a benefit one can only dream of. By replacing your windows, you will improve the look of your home, both inside and out. The window treatment you choose afterwards will also influence this look and together with the new windows, create your home’s style.

Better curb appeal improves a home’s value since buyers these days put accent on exterior looks and energy efficiency. And what better way to combine these two than with brand new, energy star rated windows?

  1. Increase Home Value

Depending on window material, style and advertisement, window replacement can have a ROI of 85%. This makes it one of the renovation projects which provide the biggest benefits for home sellers and renovating before you sell is the smartest thing to do.

But to make the most value out of your new windows, you should carefully choose them. Energy Star rated, vinyl or fiberglass windows can put more value on your home. Also, the style matters, so place the window type according to the characteristics of each room.

  1. Improve Safety and Natural Light

Old windows usually have old glass. Single paned and easy to break, old glass can become more of a hazard than a safety measure. The market today is filled with technological advancements and the newer glass, the safer your home.

These days, glass isn’t as easy to break as before and can the tight seals on vinyl windows make it even harder for intruders to get in.

Additionally, modern window glass works better with natural light. Letting the joyous sunrays in and keeping hazardous UV rays out, new window glass will create the ideal atmosphere in your home. With time glass scratches and its insulator qualities decrease which damage the quality of light you have inside.

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