5 Benefits of Installing Iron Doors

Doors are important because they guarantee safety and privacy to your house. Without a solid and durable entry door, your family might be subjected to threats like burglary or other such crimes. You want a door that also withstands natural elements and lasts long. Besides all these concerns, as a homeowner who has invested a lot in your house, you will be exploring for a type of door that will improve the look and prestige of your home.

If you are looking for a sturdy door option that also appeals to your aesthetic sense, iron doors are a great alternative. Though other options like wood or glass are available, they do not offer the same benefits as iron doors do. 

5 Benefits of Installing Iron Doors

Are you reflecting on whether wrought iron doors will be suitable for your house? Read on to understand the benefits of wrought iron doors. 

Increase Home Security

Having an iron door installed is a great way to increase the security of your house. Though you need a surveillance system in place, iron doors definitely make you feel safer. One of the benefits of iron doors is that they make your house difficult to break into. They also withstand fires, wind, and other threats. Iron doors made of wrought iron are very sturdy. Wrought iron is an iron alloy that is forged and rolled to make it stronger and more durable compared to cast iron. 

However, a strong iron door need not be of industrial style; you do not have to compromise on the looks of your house owing to security. You can go for an elegant looking iron door with a blend of thick glass or wood; the glass in the design will also let more light into your house. There are doors with security-grade glass available in the market.

Improve Curb Appeal

If your house is attractive when viewed from the street, it has a good curb appeal. One of the benefits of installing wrought iron doors is that they boost curb appeal. A wrought iron door at the entry is a sight to behold. They can be a prestigious addition to the look of your house. They are available in different sizes, patterns, and feature exquisite iron scrollwork. Whether you want to go for a simple-looking or striking entryway that will speak of grandeur, there are iron doors to suit the style of any house. You can choose a pre-designed door or customize it to suit the look of your house.   

Provide Insulation

Added insulation can help you save money and protect the environment. Iron doors can help in adding thermal protection to your house. If you live in a cold place, it will be hard to keep your home warm during winter months. An insulated window may not be sufficient.  Also, the door you have installed can let out a lot of heat. On the other hand, iron doors hold heat efficiently providing thermal insulation. When you install an insulated iron door, it comes with foam insulation and a thermal break. A thermal break stops the heat or cold transfer, thereby, providing insulation in hot and cold climates. Go for an iron door with a patented thermal barrier.

Save Money in the Long run

Iron doors are an investment worth making. Though iron doors come with a high price range, they can save you money in the end compared to other options. With regular maintenance and cleaning, an iron door lasts several years. When you go for doors made of other materials, you will be spending money replacing them in a few years.   


Iron is a durable material. If you want a strong door installed at your home or facility, you can choose double wrought iron doors. Their quality is measured by a unit called gauge. The gauge numbers signify the thickness of sheet metals; the lower the gauge number is, the stronger the iron is. Typically, the finest quality wrought iron doors measure 2 inches or 12 gauge. Doors with a higher gauge number tend to be less strong.  For example, steel doors made with 24 gauge steel are less sturdy than wrought iron doors.

Owing to the many benefits they provide, wrought iron doors have been a popular choice among American homeowners for many years now. Once you decide that wrought iron doors are the ideal fit for your house, you should be looking for a certified installer and fabricator who can provide an iron door that you want. If you are in New Jersey and want a custom iron door that will suit the style of your house, you can contact Forever Custom Iron Doors. They are an iron door fabricator and installer who can offer the finest wrought iron doors for new and remodeling projects. They also ship anywhere in the US. Get an iron door that will make your house stand out from the rest.

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