4 Types of Fences that Fence Companies Can Construct

Businesses and homes require fences to provide security. Consider working with professionals when you decide to construct a fence around your home or business since they offer quality fencing services. A properly connected fence should be long lasting, attractive and easy to maintain.

Wood fencing Austin TX companies can handle large projects in an organized manner that will allow your fence to be constructed easily and on a budget. There are many types of fences on the market which you can choose from. Here are different types of commercial fences that you can use to protect your home or business.

Chain Fences

Chain fences are the most commonly used commercial fences. This fence is made of galvanized steel roads to prevent rusting which make them weather resistance. Chain fences are commonly used in sports fields, parks, and at city power plants.

Chain fences are sufficiently strong, durable and less expensive compared to other types of metal fences. The grade of metal used to manufacture chain fences significantly increase their lifespan since they are of high quality. Chain fences are used to protect both pets and children in your home. They also providing residential and commercial security.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum is just like other metal fences but it surpasses other galvanized metal fences since it does not rust and its maintenance is virtually free. Aluminum metal is considered to be light weight, but it’s strong enough to protect and prevent pets from chewing through it. This type of fences are also resistant to strong winds since they don’t bend or topple easily. Another advantage of aluminum fence is that it can be color treated to improve its visual appearance.

Electric Fences

Many businesses and homeowners utilize electric fences to keep their valuables safe. Also, they are mostly used by livestock farmers to protect cattle fields. There are various types of hot wire you can choose from for your electric fence. Electric fences work well when used together with barbed string wires stretched below them. They are relatively inexpensive, and are easy to fix and repair. Electric fence experts need to know the basics of electrical safety to prevent accidents and fire risks in places where electric fences are used.

Wood Fences

Wood Fences provide the most versatile fencing materials when it comes to fences and can be constructed by wood fencing Austin TX Companies. Wood fences can be cut and customized in various ways to provide aesthetic value. Wood fences can be constructed from a wide range of materials such as pine and cedar. The integrity and durability of wood fences are enhanced by treatments that are added to reduce the effects of weathering. Maintenance of a wood fence is relatively cheap and easy.

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