4 Tips for picking your ideal Single Storey Family Home

A man’s home is said to be his castle, a sanctuary away from the noisy, bustling busyness of the world. Whatever your style-choice, designing and building an affordable home for the family should be a labour of love based on meticulous planning around comfort and functionality.

Single storey homes remain popular with families, especially young and multi-generational families, where stairs pose a safety risk. However, one does not have to sacrifice luxury for comfort; a contemporary home design can make a home not only feel luxurious and comfortable but can also include some inspiring, resourceful and unique design ideas that cleverly define living spaces to suit your family’s needs.

4 tips for your ideal single storey family home:

  1.  Affordability

Single storey homes are often less costly to build and maintain and are still a firm family favourite as they offer safe, single-level living spaces. A single storey home can still offer families an affordable home that includes functional spaces for comfort and easy living by incorporating clever design elements and a well thought out floor plan.

  1.  Function

A home is an important space for a family and needs to be functional. Functionality can be achieved by creating spaces that serve the needs of the family as a whole and individual members. Designing living spaces around your family’s lifestyle can increase the functionality and overall comfort of your accommodation.

  1.  Comfort

Contemporary home design ideas can masterfully create versatile and comfortable living spaces that flow effortlessly into one other to create unique spaces suitable for modern living.  Contemporary home designs also facilitate the incorporation of some fundamental traditional elements of a family home, like a large family-orientated kitchen where everyone can gather and share the space.

  1.  Spaces for easy living

Single storey homes are all about creating spaces for easy living. For example, a more contemporary home design can maximize common living areas by creating living spaces that extend out into the garden, bringing the outside in, which is suitable for busy young families with active children. Whether you’re looking for the ever-popular open-concept living, or you’re wanting to bring more of the outdoors in, it’s important that you take into account both your family’s current needs and also your long-term aspirations.

The design challenge of having all living spaces on one floor can often prompt innovative and creative floor plan ideas that offer affordable homes with a little touch of elegance and luxury to sympathetically provide for a family’s fluctuating needs whilst providing maximum comfort and ease of living.

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