4 Different Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Living Room  

The living room is the heart of your house. It is where everyone goes to unwind at the end of the day and bond as a family. This means that you’ll want your living room to look and feel cosy, comfortable and homey. However, this effect is sometimes difficult to nail. Cosy can quickly become cluttered if you’re not careful. As such, today we are going to be imparting some interior design tips and tricks to help our readers curate the perfect living room. Keep reading to find out more.

1.) Add an Armchair

Most people only have settees in their living room. Whilst these are great, they are also very bulky, which means there are only so many places you can put them. As a result, your sofas can leave a lot of empty unused space in your lounge. To fill these areas, you could invest in an armchair. These are perfect for creating snuggly nooks in the room (which are brilliant for any bookworms). Armchairs can also inject some colour, vibrancy and personality into your lounge. For example, a slipper chair with bespoke upholstery could add a cosy cottagey vibe to the room.

2.) Throws and Cushions

On its own, a sofa can look rather boring and uninviting. This is especially true for settees which are made from leather or only have one colour. To make them a little plusher, you can try adding some throws. Furniture shops from across the country sell these blankets in a massive variety of sizes, colours and styles. Sofa throws will immediately add some texture and colour to your settee – plus, they’re lovely to snuggle under during the winter. Decorative cushions are also a must. These can be beautiful additions to the living room, enhancing the existing colour scheme whilst making things a little more comfortable.

3.) Bring in Some Light

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting when it comes to interior design. The lights in your lounge will significantly impact the ambience of the room overall. Not enough lighting, for example, will make the place feel dreary and depressing. Meanwhile, too much harsh light will make the room feel less intimate and more oppressive. As such, we suggest placing several light sources throughout your living room and alternating which ones you use depending on the time of day. Lampshades are perfect for an atmospheric evening, whilst glowing overhead lights are lovely in the late afternoon.

4.) Decorate the Walls

We often forget about decorating the walls in our lounges; but when they are bare, the whole room feels emptier and less cosy. So, don’t forget to add some nice decorations to them! This includes nice pictures, antique artwork, and so on. Shelving units are also a great idea because you can add attractive ornaments to them, like candle holders or decorative bowls.

These are some different tips and tricks for decorating your living room. Follow our advice to make your lounge look and feel more intimate.

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