4 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Repeating Quite Often

There are plenty of people who are clean freaks but they still tend to make minor cleaning mistakes. The errors actually make their home dirtier and despite all the efforts, they are unable to get a spotless space.

If waking up early on a Sunday followed by an intense cleaning regime is your favorite thing to do, here are some End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist to avoid the common cleaning mistakes.

Using the Same Rag throughout the House

Even if you spray the cleaning solution repeatedly on the rag, it will remain dirty if you don’t wash it properly before every use. When you use the same rag throughout the house, it catches the dust from the previous surface and spreads it on each new place it touches.

You can either use a new wad of paper towel for each new surface or designate a microfiber cloth for each distinct area. These clothes can either be tossed in the laundry or washed thoroughly after each use.

Spraying Product Directly on the Surface

It is a common practice to spray the product on the surface and then clean it. While it may work with plain and glass surfaces, this might not be the most effective way to clean a few things around your house, especially electronics.

Whenever you’re cleaning any delicate surface, it is better to spray the solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe the surface which needs cleaning. Afterward, use the dry cloth to wipe away any excess liquid. This method is effective for the screens of electronics, soft surface, porcelain, wood.

Not Cleaning the Equipment Used for Cleaning

Always remember when you rush through cleaning, you are bound to make plenty of mistakes. The quicker you are in cleaning; the more work you are creating for yourself. This results in more time spent on cleaning chores.

When we rush through things, we tend to miss some important spots and do things incorrectly. Take your time! if you are short on time, leave a few chores for later. This will help you in dedicating complete focus and time to this job.

Cleaning from the Ground Up

When you start from the bottom and go upward, the dust and crumbs fall down making the surface dirty again. The tables, shelves, and counters need to be cleaned before you start working on the floor.

You must start cleaning from the windows and work down on the tables and counters. Remove dust and particles from the chairs, couches, coffee tables, and come to the floor at the very end.


When you keep your home clean, it retains its value for a long period of time. All the well-maintained Boise homes for sale stay high in demand when they are cleaned properly.

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