3 Types Of Trees That Will Look Great In Your Yard

Whether you have just moved into a new home that is situated on a blank, empty property or you are looking to add some more foliage to your current yard, there are a number of trees that will look great in your new landscaping plan. Trees in general are pretty easy to care for, and many varieties will grow quickly, providing you with large, luscious trees for many years to come and for the enjoyment of future generations. Today we’ll take a look at three different types of trees that thrive in the Albertan climate and will look great in your Edmonton yard:

Cherry Blossom

A gorgeous tree that blossoms into pink flowers each year, the Cherry Blossom tree thrives in many different locations and climates. Known for their beautiful blossoms, this tree is often planted in large abundance and many locations hold festivals dedicated to the Cherry Blossom during the time of its bloom. This is a relatively easy tree to care for and you can plant them and forget about them, letting them grow on their own for many years to come. One disadvantage to the Cherry Blossom tree is that its bloom is very short. At the same time, the bloom is so beautiful that it makes up for the brevity of its duration. It also helps you appreciate the change of seasons and celebrate the arrival of spring. After a cold winter in Edmonton, those gorgeous pink flowers will be a sight for sore eyes!

Maple Tree

There are many different varieties of Maple trees and in the Edmonton area, many of these varieties will thrive. The leaves vary in color and change at different points of the year, providing an interesting range of natural beauty. The great thing about the Maple is that it is a very hardy tree that will withstand a lot of bad weather, wind, rain, snow, etc. Not very susceptible to disease or bugs, you won’t have to do much to maintain your Maple trees.

Crape Myrtle

This is much more of a decorative tree that is really gorgeous, though itwill grow slowly. The Crape Myrtle is adorned with stunning, vibrant, pink flowers and has a lovely leaf with twisting and turning branches and vine structures. This is a tree that can effectively be planted close to your home as a way to add color and design to your overall curb appeal.

If you are looking to add a tree of any variety to your yard, you should always do your research to keep your trees healthy and safe and to make sure that the variety you want will flourish in the Edmonton area. Different climates will affect different tree types in different ways and these types of things should be considered before purchasing and planting. You will also want to enlist the help of a local ISA certified tree pruning business to help you select and plant your trees. Trees need to be properly planted in an appropriate sized hole in order to root down and grow and in many cases, specialized equipment is needed for this process.

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