3 Pros to Purchasing a Home with a Guesthouse


If you’re considering a home that also has a guesthouse, but you’re not sure whether you should buy it, owning a home with a guesthouse has some distinct advantages over owning a single family property which is why you shouldn’t let the thought deter you from making the purchase.  Here are three benefits to owning a home with a guesthouse.

Your Guests Aren’t on Top of Your Family

As wonderful as you may find your guests, you may quickly become disenchanted having them stay in that extra room in your house that you use for an office or computer room.

Let’s face it: as much as you love the people who are staying with you, having them share your living space can be trying at times. Why not give everyone a chance to enjoy each other on their own terms?

Giving your guests their own accommodations will make the visit so much more enjoyable and less of a hassle.

You Can Make Money Offering the Guesthouse as an Airbnb

Since you’re probably not going to have your friends and family visit you every day of the year, why not rent your guesthouse out as an Airbnb and turn that extra piece of real estate into cash?

Sure, you’ll have to educate yourself on how to operate an Airbnb, but you can rent your guesthouse out when friends and family aren’t using it.

You Can Rent Your Guesthouse as a Long-Term Rental

When you buy real estate that has a guesthouse, it’s like buying two houses in one.

Why not rent out the guesthouse to long-term renters who will pay monthly so you can expect a steady income stream?  You’re literally next door, which means you can keep an eye on the property and avoid potential problems.

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