2 Tips That Will Breathe New Life Into Your Lawn This Spring

As we head towards the thick of spring weather, temperatures have already risen from the zero point in colder cities, like Toronto, Ontario. At this point, a certain thaw has already occurred, one that was potentially damaging to not only the lawns of homeowners across the board, but the lawn care systems that they have implemented to make their properties look their best.

In other words, spring is the time of year when it becomes apparent that certain damages have occurred that are either irreparable or require professional interventions if we’re to render our irrigation systems usable in the coming hot months. Not only can a renowned company like EZ Lawn Sprinklers repair your current automated irrigation system, they can install an entirely new one, but in such a way that respects the integrity of your lawn or garden’s ecologies.

Indeed, during the colder months, water may have frozen in the throes of frigid temperatures and caused the delicate mechanisms of your water systems to burst, fragment and become nonfunctional over the course of these winter months. The extent of the damage is, indeed, only apparent months after when one attempts to switch the system back on by activating the pipelines and connecting it to primary, public water sources.

  1. Don’t Fret – Think Of This As An Opportunity

Abstracting from the inconvenient experience of burst pipes, it might be best to simply prepare for next winter by installing, in place of your old compromised system, a new automated irrigation system that is not only more durable, but state of the art in every possible regard. Indeed, getting a fully-automated irrigation system that can not only be timed but remote activated if need be.

  1. Use Technology To Make Your Life And Lawn Easier

Moreover, the advantages of a sprinkler system that is entirely underground are plentiful, given that it ensures your lawn has the proper amount of water, while nevertheless concealing its intricate pipelines, preventing blunt-force damages and allowing for more consistent temperatures.

With more elaborate designs like this, it’s also likely that any newer models you find will outshine your initial – and now unusable – system. With state of the art features comes little to no maintenance in preparation for or in the wake of the harsh winter season. For example, some models no longer require that you undertake the labour of removing sprinkler heads during colder months, simply because they are designed to either conceal themselves or endure a variety of weather conditions.

Summer and spring are, of course, months in which a great deal of relaxation ought to ensue, but it is also the perfect time to revolutionize your lawn and prevent future stress derived from the woes of older lawn care maintenance systems going awry. In other words, it’s best not to wait for more problems to arise and, in lieu of patiently gazing at a broken irrigation system, replace it posthaste with a savvier version, courtesy of your local lawn care experts.

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