10 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Chandelier

A chandelier is one of the most amazing lighting fixtures for placing in different households. When we hear the word chandelier, we think of a beautiful designer chandelier with an array of hundreds of hanging crystal prisms illuminating a room. Sometimes they are fitted with transparent glass covering each shade, but they all come in lots of different types.

Chandeliers have always been a symbol of glamour, status, and class. They generate a statement in any room such as the dining room, living rooms or kitchens making them look exquisite. Chandeliers are not only used as light sources but also as a decorative item that adds elegance to the environment. The rich profligate look that chandelier lights emanate is irreplaceable by any other light source. There are many types and shapes of chandeliers that it can be really difficult for us to choose the right chandelier for the right room.

Let’s discuss some of the most popular chandeliers and learn more about them:

The Titanic Chandelier

Remember the ‘Titanic Incident’. Yes, these chandeliers drew inspiration from the titanic. Symbolically, perpetuating the iconic titanic chandeliers reflects majestic elegance with a rusted metal at the bottom of the Atlantic. Famously called the ‘unsinkable’, it is possible to display Titanic Chandelier in large luxurious quarters, generating a whimsical atmosphere.

The Solstice Comet Chandelier

The Solstice Chandelier is inspired by the traditional lighting design by Baccarat. It has attractive downward-curving branches giving it a distinctly plant-like design.

Black Murano Glass Chandelier

This is an incredibly beautiful large bronze chandelier. Hung in the small Senate Main hall of the United States since 1965, this chandelier has all the classic features that might be a source of inspiration.  This chandelier hangs proudly in some of the most prominent Spanish Mosques and Casinos in the country.

Newton Lamp

This vivid chandelier is a majestic item that authenticates pieces of architecture by artisans and Boca do Lobo. It is a dreamy, beautiful and relaxing piece of decoration, incomparable with other fixtures.

Palace of Versailles

The palace of Versailles contains a stunning Chandelier made up of elements by Swarovski. This sleek, comfortable and truly unique chandelier looks like a necklace in a gold chain. We can derive some ideas from this chandelier.   

This modern world is experiencing dramatic changes in technology. Creative chandelier styles are now flooding the market. The choice you make relies entirely on your personal preference and taste. Though you enjoy contemporary or vintage designs, the right choice for your needs will always be found.

If you’re looking for a lighting fixture to adorn your entrance halls, set the tone of your dining room, or maybe even add character to your house’s other room. Chandeliers are the quintessential choice to mark a lasting impression. It’s no secret that some of us have a little too much fondness on exquisite chandeliers. Chandeliers are literally delicate pieces of jewelry that brings that perfect finish to an evening gown.

You must know a lot of things that will help in determining the best model. Below are 10 aspects to consider before selecting a chandelier.

1- Set a Budget:

Before buying a chandelier, it is necessary to figure out how much to spend on a chandelier. Chandeliers come at different prices, so you might want to find the one that fits your budget. There are expensive and affordable chandeliers in the market, just look deeper.

2- Know the décor of the area:

You should have settled on the kind of interior that your house will have before the purchase of the chandelier. If you are not building a new house, take a look at the furniture that is already in the room. Does it look modern, historical, or electric in tradition?

3- Size matters:

The size of the room matters too. If the room is small, the décor will be outgunned by a large chandelier and an overwhelming amount of light will be provided.  If the room is large and the chandelier is small, it will look inadequate and may not provide enough light. For buying the perfect chandelier with the right size, calculate the diameter of the room.

4- The space of your room:

There are a number of common types of chandeliers. There will be a chandelier in the hall, foyer, dining room, and living room on multiple occasions. The chandelier will focus on the room where it is installed and it will perfectly blend in if the space of the room is flawless.

5- Height:

Along with the size of the room, the height of the ceiling is also very important because it will determine how high the chandelier has to be hung. A larger chandelier will be required if the ceilings are very high. If you are planning to buy bare bulb chandeliers, make sure to install them very high so that it doesn’t hit the heads of many people.

6- The material of the chandelier:

Chandeliers come in many different materials. Metals, beads, crystals and wrought iron are also used so choose wisely. Select a chandelier that goes well with the interior in that designated room. This means that chandelier should blend well with the wallpaper, window treatments, furniture, etc.

7- Find the right match:

If it is a showroom, the Victorian crystal chandelier may look amazing but it is likely to look sadly out of place in your sleek living room. Try to match your existing décor with the style, or your chandelier will look like a lost gemstone in a mixed setting.

8- Decide where to hang the chandelier:

The place will affect your preference of home lighting designs. Most people prefer to hang one small chandelier on the top of their dining table in the dining area and the main chandelier in the middle of the living area. Choose the perfect place for your chandelier in the room to add more glamour and make sure that the chandelier doesn’t go out of setting.

9- Check out the warranty:

You should always check the warranty cards when making big purchases. This will ensure the guarantee that the chandelier was bought from that store. Additionally, the chandeliers can be tested and returned if they don’t function properly.

10- Check out the lights:

You should see how many bulbs the chandelier has. When it has a lot of bulbs, more light will be emitted. But if that chandelier is bought for decorative purposes, make sure that it doesn’t have too many bulbs on it.


For more convenience, buy a chandelier that has more shades of light in it so that you can control how much light comes from it. Instead of thinking about how the room will look after you purchase the chandelier, think about the tips above. This will ensure the purchase of the best looking chandelier that goes well with your room by producing a dramatic and appealing impact.

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