10 Things to Consider Before Painting Your House

Are you tired of living in the same looking house but cannot afford the renovation expenses? Constantly looking at DIY (Do It Yourself!) videos on Instagram and Facebook to get some cheap ideas, but still not being able to find anything useful? Then you should try to hold a magic brush because house painting is the only way that is not only cheap but an easy trick to make boring surroundings the most extravagant.

Lying beside flat white walls can be boring sometimes, on the other hand, differently coloured walls can dramatically change the feel and mood of the home. Aesthetically done like painting services Strathfield do house painting not only accentuate the decoration but also adds to the area and volume of the room.

However, most homeowners are dread by the thought of painting houses. It is a known fact that house painting is fun and cheap, however, due to inexperience, and lack of basic knowledge and skill this easy peasy activity can turn into a dreadful adventure, heed these common ten tips to make your next painting job a breeze:

Take some time to get prepared:

This is true that painting is a cheap way to redecorate the old look; however, it requires a ton of physical investment to be done. It is essential to empty the room from unnecessary items and make them clean. Covering the big furniture items with the plastic sheet can make this job easier and less tiring.

Later on, try to wipe out the walls that are needed to be repainted with the wet towel to remove dirt, oil and dust particles. It will smoothen the wall and will allow the paint to adhere to the wall. Thirdly, refill the holes and cracks that are made by the nails or with adjustment of any of such items. Because of the cleaning matters! If the wall is smooth and clean, paint tends to appear brighter otherwise shade can get compromised, especially if you are planning to go in lighter shades.

Take a house inspection:

House inspection is needed to finalize the product, brand, theme, and colour. Firstly it is essential to get a look at the building material determines either to go for Decorative paint or Enamel one, Emulsion paint or Cement one, Aluminium paint or Bituminous one, Oil paint or Anti Corrosive paint as it depends on whether your building needs protection or in need of some decorative tint. Secondly, this is an essential activity because this is the way to determine the colour theme and house space. Aesthetically, if the house architecture is wide open, then it can afford to have darker shades as Sherwin-Williams historic collection proposes that the red and green are the shades of Arts and Crafts era home whereas orange represents festivities and red is the colour of optimism. It involves a thorough inspection of building material that, in turn, helps in choosing the right paint, sheen and primer time.

Time to make some samples:

As it can save the time plus will make the job easier afterwards. Take some samples of the selected paints and apply them on the whiteboards to see the real shade as shades tend to differ slightly from the shade cards. If the shade appears light try to add a double or triple coat on the other hand upon darker shades, try to apply only one coat.

Take a Look test:

When in doubt, take a look test and see the final look yourself. As to see the result try using this simple tip. Try placing the shade card on different walls at different times to see the appearance in different lights. As when the light changes the shade of the paint changes accordingly.

Determine the quantity:

There are many paint problems, but the most common among them is running out of paint. So it is important that first measure the surface area, then check the square and foot, calculate for the double and triple coat, count for the touch-ups, and then buy the paint accordingly.

Weather should be taken into consideration:

Deciding weather is necessary as it impacts on the result. Summer is the ideal season for such paint job as it fastens the drying process and eases up the whole evaporating of primer, solutions and sheen. On the other hand, winters, humidity or rainy season doubles the job by not just slowing the drying out process but dampens the building material.

House Decor should be in line with colours:

House is the go-to place to relax, every day every night! Therefore, it must be according to personal aesthetics and preferences. Deciding what should be the colour theme is the most important step among all. Whether to go for light nude colours or bold and bright, it should be your calling but for this decision to make you need to take a look at the house decor. Because painting baby pink beside big royal gold furniture is a big NO!

Finishing must be on point:

Take your time. Because hastening this process can ruin the whole job. To make the process less tiring, you can use these easy hacks. First, paint the ceiling and trim without using tape and then with the help of an edger paint the area of the wall that lies above the trims and below the ceilings. In this way, the job will be done in half the time with finishing just on fleek!

Brush it up:

Roller can save a lot of time. However, it cannot bring the wanted finishing. This is why first use the brush and apply a rough coat of mixed paint and then rollover.

Spend Money on Quality:

Make sure to buy quality paintbrushes and colours so to get the desired result. Besides buying the limited stock at the time, try making a whole shop before getting started, so there would be no break in between and the whole process goes most seamlessly.


With light shade colours, rooms tend to look bigger and brighter; on the other hand, darker shades make the place look cosy and warm. As this is the reason that most luxury hotels and restaurants opt for golden black theme whereas tea house and cafes go for light coloured themes. The above mentioned things will help you to look your house more attractive. Are you interested in painters in Fayetteville NC services? Look no further because expert team of professional painters will give your home a good and beautiful feel perfect for you.

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